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I know I should post this one on PFZ, but but (and another but), I ended up doing this thingy in this area of the Internet.

Just weeks before the 2009 MMFF, I promised myself to watch all the films that are going to be shown on our local theaters. Alas! With the utmost laziness that I have carried all throughout these years, I ended up watching nothing and nada (two films na yun bale).

It just occurred to me to just watch those films on television or even just download a pirated version. We all knew that Wapakman is a piece of shit. I heard that I Love You, Goodbye is quite impressive at its first half. Panday is CGI crazy and let’s leave it at that. SRR turned comedy (and anak ng ewan naman, hindi pa din ba natatanggap ng mga movie people na hindi marunong umarte si Iya Villania?) The one with Vic Sotto didn’t gather much attention; I really do think that they just do another sequel of Elvis And James or even a crossover of Indiana Dundee and She-man. I’m actually tired of the Mano Po series. And I forgot the seventh film; maybe that film is really forgettable, don’t you think?

All I can say is I am just a member of the willing. I am just not that active.


I have a great feeling that this is a year of music for me. I really do want to watch ‘Ang Pumapatay’. The tickets doesn’t sound high-fallutin’, which is actually good. I do know that MOA is such a very very far away place from ours. Ugh.

So, anyone had the glorious time of listening to all the albums of that band? Me thinks I have to get ready.

I don’t want to have a Tim Yap moment.


Have you guys tried Whittaker? It’s a brand of chocolate that came from the ‘galing sa dodo ng cow’, New Zealand. I had the luck of tasting a bar and it is pure heaven.

Basically, if you’re going to New Zealand and plans to come back in our cheaply priced medicine services, then, you might want to contact me and tell me that you have a gift for me and it starts with the letter W.

Oh look, my posts are becoming a little wee bit egoistic already.

I love 2010.


~ by targrod on January 3, 2010.

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