~ Oi chicken! ~

Let’s talk about food first. I can only say that that Komoro Soba has started to get on the good side of the food globe after I first ate there around a time that I can’t fully remember.

(I can only remember people chanting “Pantinilola Pantinilola”. Maybe that was just me. Oooh. Vewwwy Scawwwy.)

Put it this way, I enjoyed their maki and even said “maki na ano kain ko dito ako ubos” in a very racial Japanese way, I muttered. Can I just say that I lurved their rice bowls. I know there’s a corresponding Japanese name for this and I’m definitely sure that it is not kirikiri.

Then, earlier I had some bad food from Teriyaki Boy. I always liked their food but with their prices right now (that’s like almost 800 bucks for two people. Fuck ‘em) and the food that I ordered, I was not that really happy.

There is a simple rule with cooking beef. If you’re going to include those fatty beef in a customer’s bowl. Be sure to squeeze out all the mantika out of the meat before serving it.

(hindi po masarap ang ulam na lasang mantika. Buti na lang talaga nag-eenjoy ako palagi sa kahit na anong Miso soup.)

And yeah, I don’t enjoy curry. I also used to enjoy Mariah, but not today.


Can I just say that Floyd Mayweather is a freakin’ coward?


(puro ka lang pala yabang.)

I just don’t get his point. In boxing history, that was the first time I’ve heard of that bullshit. If a person is really using dope for this strength and power then you’re saying that the world boxing commission is a lame duck and you know more about boxing.

(sabi nga sa Harold and Kumar, “The universe tends to unfold as it should.” He’ll get what he deserves in the future.)

~ by targrod on January 10, 2010.

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