~ Resolution One ~

Planning for this year is a lot more exciting than being just plain tideous… tide-yos… teedeedeecupDious… exhausting. I think I really do have to be excited for this year. I have to plan more and let my mini-varicose vain move much to the dancing ala Mystika in her heyday.

Or whatever that means.

So, it will be a busy year for me. I am hoping that I would be able to do this more than what I can chew. It will always be awesome that way. While I’m doing this I am actually watching Andres De Saya, an old Cachupoy film. There is a point on why I said this.

I will still be retaining a few hobbits, I’ll write ‘em down after a few paragraphs.

Paragraph 1.

Paragraph 2.

Paragraph 3.

(uy, nagpipilit magpatawa…)

Anyhoo, I will be retaining this blog. I’ll try to post regularly (meaning: weekends). As promised, I’ll be putting in more about myself and some shit beside it. I am also retaining my movie blog, that’s Pinoy Film Zealot (once again, shameless plugging). If you love films and you want to write something about any write-ups in that subject then just inform me that includes film reviews, film news, and anything under the movie sun or movie Ra if you wanna get geeky with me.

Then, I’m starting a new project on the side. This one is quite simple. They’re calling it Project 365 or 366, for the criminally insane for the wicked. The premise is simple. You just take a picture daily. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a camera phone, a high-end phone, web camera, underwater camera, or a stolen camera. You just have to post an image you took (that is from what I fully understand). Just to clear this all up, Tumblr is different, you can post anything under the sun in Tumblr and this P365 is more personal. Now, here’s my dilemma (pag patay ang ilaw, say it with me… “dilemma” kailangan ng ilaw), I am almost midway for January and I just thought of the idea a few days ago. So, I guess I’ll be starting at P350. It doesn’t matter though; ningas cogon wouldn’t kill me in the process.

Here is the reason why I would start late. Last Thursday, I watched the premiere of the Squeakquel courtesy of Astroboy and ODH (muchos gracias mi Rushers) and I ended up losing my cellular phone. I didn’t notice it due to the bulking tetra-bricked drinks inside my pocket (karma much?) Since most of us are actually truly blessed, a lady called my momma and informed her that she has my phone (hooray!) Now, I have to get that phone somewhere in The Fort.

When the usual momma and moi dialogue came up, I told her, “Ma, this is destiny.”


And for the rest of the month, I’ll be coming up with New Year’s resolutions, by tens.
–    I will venture into more physical activities this year. It doesn’t matter if I’ll be doing the same shit every week, as long as I’ll be able to do things weekly. Say hello back to badminton, bowling, and running/jogging.
–    I’ll try to watch a few theatre plays (whatever they call it). I heard that there’s Rent and Cats. I’m planning to watch ‘em.
–    Then, concerts. There’s The Killers, Backstreet Boys, Tears for Fears/Spandau Ballet, Owl City, and Paramore. I’m assuming there’ll be more. I do hope I could watch at three concerts for this year.
–    More traveling. Probably just for this year. Planned for this year are Zambales and Palawan. And a lot of trips in Tagaytay, Subic, and Clark (Hot Air here I come!)
–    I’ll try to watch films that were made from the past decade and a lot of Filipino films. Ergo, I’ll be venturing into film fests. I should really try to go out alone. I’ll minimize old films.
–    More indie/rock and pop music for this year. I found gold in the Internet. Just look for Blalock’s playlists in the Internet. He rocks (pun much intended).
–    A book a month. I think I have to get something easy for this month. It is almost the fifteenth of January already and I haven’t had the heart to read a full fiction.
–    I’ll try to shut up more often and try to listen to other people. It was really weird when I’m kind of quiet in a group and it was actually refreshing. I know this is kind of stupid but I’m not going to be a poser or something. I’ll just try to be a little bit different. Ergo, I’ll be controlling more of my hirits. No, really.
–    Mag:Net Café. Yes, I wanna go back there and try to enjoy Rockeoke and S.P.I.T. once again.
–    Cooking. I’m still trying to learn the basics and I absolutely enjoy cooking. Why the hell would I watch Janice De Belen’s Spoon at one in the morning?


Are people shying away from New Year’s resolutions? I think people should do this annually. I know you might not follow it but a goal is a goal.

~ by targrod on January 10, 2010.

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