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It was really heavy lately. I never knew that death affected me so much this day. It was kind of a happy but sad moment but I’m just thanking God that she met Him finally.

One of my mom’s best friends died a few days after New Year. She has been battling cancer for years already and all of her friends and family are probably having the same feeling right now. I think most of the family members have actually accepted her death already.

Kaya ang gaan ng pakiramdam kanina actually dun sa Don Bosco Makati. It was just me who made the feeling heavy.

I do hope it is ok for my mom to post her eulogy for her dearly departed best friend. Here it is:

Farewell to you my friend…
I learned of Reggie’s demise last Monday when i opened my email, the first day of work for the year 2010. I was then in a period of denial, no this can’t be true! I picked-up the phone and immediately called Cynthia, and in betwwen sobs, it began to sink-in and I was deeply saddened. Then, I dialed my home number to break the news to my husband, and sounded worried, he told me ” relax ka lang, gusto ng Diyos na magpahinga na siya.” You see, I had just recovered from bouts of deep deppression, as me and my family were survivors of Typhoon Ondoy.
It was my birthday yesterday, and I missed the greetings of my dear friend, Reggie. I woke up today at 2:30 am thinking of her and the moments we shared together at Jardines. I met her in mid 80’s. I was hired as a floor planning consultant / designer by Atty. Magnaye. It was Sol Manuel whom I first met, and when she left the company, Reggie and I became close buddies (esp during yosi break). We ate together, laughed together, shopped together, watched the movies together or just told unending stories about our families. We even stood as godmothers to Pareng Bong’s son. We went to Baguio & Maya maya several times and called each other on phone as soon as we arrived home from the office. We shared happy and sad moments together.
We lost our parents alternately, one by one. That’s why there were times in our lives when we both wore black & white (& gray) dresses for two consecutive years, as a sign of mourning for the passing away of our beloved parents. I was one of the first ones she called when her family met an accident in Bulacan. It was a day after Christmas, but I immediately ran on her bedside and watched her wheeled to the Operating room. I was devastated then, I thought I lost her.
In 1999, after 2 months of recuperating from my hysterectomy operation, I received a letter of retrenchment from Jardine. Of course, it was one of the major events in my life, but I was able to move on. Eventually I work again, and now at Shopwise. I was assigned at various branches but we’re now housed at Oppen Bldg. here in Makati. In the early years that I left Jardines, Reggie and I see to it that we see each other and meet occasionally, esp on our birthdays, and Cynthia, Ellen and Claire’s birthdays too. I saw how happy she was with the company of Cynthia, Ellen and the rest of the group. In 2003, I developed Glaucoma due to Diabetes. From then on I was refrained to go out alone esp at night as I began to slowly lose my eyesight. In 2005, I celebrated my 50th birthday, and I was so so happy to see Reggie with Cynthia, Claire and Ellen with her hubby. It was a night to remember as we danced the night away.
Sometime in March last year, Cynthia texted me and broke the sad news of Reggie’s condition. I cried to God and asked His mercy and guidance. I also learned that she was so worried and tried so hard to find out how we were when Ondoy raged our place in Cainta.
Lord, I will surely miss my friend Reggie. But I know that she’s already in the palm of your hands.
Reggie, you know that I love you very much. You’re the best friend I got. It will take another lifetime for me to meet someone like you. FAREWELL TO YOU MY FRIEND…
Leah Trinidad


As promised, this is a new ball year for me.


~ by targrod on January 10, 2010.

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