~ crap time ~

Well, that was an interesting day.


I’ll try to sum it all up.


Spiderman went bye bye because of Sam Raimi and the executives (me thinks). The execs want Black Cat and Sam wants the Vulture. I just find it stupid that they bickered on something as stupid as that.

The point of doing this one for all the fans is not really headed there.

And why create a part four when parts two and three sucked?


Showtime, a show that took over Game Ka Na Ba, was recently suspended by MTRCB. One of their judges, Rosanna Roces, made some unsettling statements to all the teachers. Well, it was as simple as this, Rosanna didn’t believe in the teaching system.

She was / is that humble (yes, I am sarcastic to all you non-sarcastic fans out there).

Sadly, ABS-CBN is still the same. They’re weevil.


Plurk, finally, has a ‘liked’ tab.

Talk about being original. So, who cares?


There was a 5.0 magnitude quake yesterday.

Yeah, earthquakes is not that interesting but are you interested with Rico Blanco hitting Gibo regarding his song Imposible and Gibo using it for his campaign ad?

That was really lame for the PR group of Gibo.

And lamer for Miss Nakpil. (don’t ask me more with this one, the moment I hear Rico Blanco, I scream like a little baby.)


And yey for Fatal Posporos playing later at Saguijo.

No, really. (I’m still not sure if I could go. Sad.)


~ by targrod on January 12, 2010.

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