~ Tee Cee ~

Teary-eyed and sentimental, that was what I felt when I was able to catch Conan’s show earlier.

Just to set the record straight, a person’s paycheck is not necessarily that important. It is just how the employer thinks that this person’s worth is. Other than that, there is also your importance to a nation or even to the entire world.

Suffice it to say on how small our roles are or how big Conan’s role is, that last episode gave it all away. He was full of class and for that, I really now respect him as one of the best late night talk show hosts of all time.

Way before, a friend just introduced Conan to me. I was not much of a fan. I love Letterman. I used to watch him when I was still in college. Fast forward to a sort of the present time, I ended up having Jack TV and Jay and Conan provided my nights full. Then, seven months ago Jay supposedly had to step down and give the Tonight Show to Conan. And, heck, it was not the case.

I don’t know about this but I’m finding Leno shameless, I lost respect for the guy. It was history repeating itself all over again. This guy doesn’t want to just step down and look for a new thing for his life. It is just sad that a person such as Conan has to endure something like this.

And with his last monologue, I’m sure people are going to wait for six months on a new TV station and give life back to late night. I’m just hoping that Jack TV picks this one up.


With all the thoughts in my mind lately and a lot of social experiments I guess I am really not in a mood to write anything much lately. All I wanted is a different 2010. I know I should do something about it. And I just don’t want to with all the implications that I might get in the future.

In lieu of that why don’t you just ask me instead: http://www.formspring.me/Targrod


~ by targrod on January 23, 2010.

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