~ vee dee ~

Valentine’s Day or the Chinese New Year is about to end.

Can somebody tell me why Valentine’s Day can’t be The Valentine’s Day? I’m not that good with the English language and I wanted to know how the article is affected by the name of that holiday.

And while you’re doing that, listen to Madonna’s Holiday.



So, I have a kwento. It goes like this. You see, I am fond of eating vegetables. I am not a vegetarian but I really do prefer veggies over meat. I enjoy chopsuey and pakbet. I love squash. And usually I end up with a simple dilemma whenever I eat eggplants.

The thing that I hate about eggplants is a random worm that ends up inside the eggplant. I may not know how it ends up in that spot but I know that eggplants taste really good. I usually just close my eyes and pray to God that the eggplant that I am eating doesn’t contain anything that resembles a worm.

Now, it may imply that I might get traumatized with the idea. Why the hell am I eating worms? It happened to me three times already. You know the part when you slice open a cooked eggplant and you found a worm? Yes, it usually happens. And as I’ve said, I get no trauma from it.

I can take it with the simple reason that those worms are probably clean and healthy and full of protein since they eat vegetables.

Now, if you’re talking about worms in meat… that’s a different story.

Given that today is Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider what I’ve just said. Whatever things you “hate” or “irk” from your partner, you may want to reconsider if you’re going to leave that person.

You have to just weigh everything and ask yourself, “is it a veggie or is it meat?”


Random ideas. Ping!


~ by targrod on February 14, 2010.

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