~ Oscars 2010 ~

So, the 82nd Annual Academy Awards went… uhm… on.

Yeah… That’s it.

Siriusly, I wasn’t really keen on doing anything that is related with the Oscars for this year. I wasn’t able to ready myself with the event. I have been busy with a lot of things lately.

Ergo, I actually had a life… even for only a month for this year. I’m going back to my usual habits for the next few months, if I can.

Now, the Oscars for this year is not really that wonderful. And I’m just referring with the show. It felt that there was something missing in the show. Or even the fact that the comparison from last year greatly affected the show’s output. I can’t even say that the hosts are awesome, though I have to give credit for the amusing script for the whole show.

Secondly, I grew tired of the Avatar-The Hurt Locker brouhaha. It felt like there were only two contending films for whatever award that was given. I ended up rooting for the Basterds and only got excited with the Best Foreign Film and the Best Actress category.

That’s it.

And here’s another complaint, Hollywood loves to create war films that doesn’t look war-ish or even epic. Remember Jarhead? Come on! We need more films that give us blood and war, there’s Saving Private Ryan or even Schindler’s List. And going back to The Hurt Locker, I’m still trying to find in my mind that this film won over District 9, Inglourious Basterds, or Precious. Let us put it this way, how many of you have seen The Hurt Locker in the year 2009? As early as the last quarter of last year, critics have been raving over this film. BUT, I haven’t heard any ordinary consumer rave over the film when it was shown in our local cinemas last October of 2009.

The Oscars of 2009 didn’t really matter since Slumdog and Benjamin fought for the title. Almost every one was rooting for Benjamin and I was actually rooting for Slumdog all the time. But wait there’s more, Slumdog won and almost every Pinoy hated that film. Sabi nila, kaya daw ng Pinoy yun. So, here’s the real deal, 2008 was unforgettable, that was the time when all the films are possible contenders.

And now, ten nominees? Come on. That was a stupid move. Why would you put Up in the Best Picture category when we all know that there’s a Best Animated Film category already. And it was sort of a given that Up will win due to that simple deal that they did.

And since most of the categories gave us runaway winners, I am just happy that Christoph Waltz won for Best Supporting Actor and Sandra won for the Best Actress category. In addition, I was just shocked that El Secreto De Sus Ojos won over A Prophet and The White Ribbon. I think I have to watch ESDSO, I haz a copy already.

Despite the hello sleepy head show earlier, I’d like to put out some points on what I’ve noticed in the show.

–    Stand-up and the Oscars does not mix. It felt like I was watching one punchline after another and it seemed that it made the show less class. I mean it should’ve been a respected awards show BUT it felt like it is different in a bad way.
–    No chemistry between the two hosts. Despite them being SNL peeps, I think it would’ve been nice if Steve Martin was the only one to host the show or Alec Baldwin with someone of his age. Or something in that sense.
–    Why is George Clooney pikon? Come on.
–    What the hell is Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron doing at the Oscars? Anak ng pating naman.
–    The delivery of some of the presenters went from fair to fail.
–    Then, Miley came. Oh God. I thought I was watching the Razzies.
–    Tina Fey’s outfit is… Me Tarzan You Fey?
–    Thank God Robert Downey Jr presented (with Tina Fey).
–    Nice John Hughes tribute. I thought I saw Kevin Macanister este Mcallister.
–    There was actually a controversy with the Na’vi skit. Originally Sasha Baron Cohen was going to do a skit with Ben Stiller, but it seemed that something went wrong and it eventually just became a stand-up routine. And anything that Stiller does on that stage was funny.
–    I loved Mo’nique’s “It is all about the performance and not the politics”.
–    So, apparently the Oscars had a “Take It Take It” moment… Hello, Sigourney Weaver.
–    One of the stupidest montages ever made was the one in this year’s Oscars. They made a montage for the horror films. They included Twilight? Really? I mean, I read the novel and I know that it corresponds with fantasy and romance. I wasn’t aware that it was meant to be scary. Look at it this way, the researchers of that bit weren’t really aware of the greatest horror scenes in history. Come on, a little bit of research in the Internet and they’ll find good films. Unless of course, if they’d just stick with the ones nominated for Oscars. But The Ring U.S. version nominated for an Oscar? Come on.
–    It was stupid for Oprah to just mention Meryll Streep. Look what happened. Sandra Bullock won. In short, may balat si Oprah.

I have a feeling that the next Oscar’s will be slightly different that what we had this year. I’m just hoping that I’ll have that feel again. If they turn uptight next year, I’ll take it as long na hindi siya mukhang pilit.


~ by targrod on March 8, 2010.

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