~ Vote Buying ~

Holy butt Batman, Manny won another ho-hum fight last weekend. It may be his most ho-hum-est fight evah except for one part there where he did some FPJ action with matching pompyang on the side.

I think we’re all aware of his win and everyone seems un-excited about it for obvious reasons.

Then, there’s the excitement last Friday regarding the rain. Man, we need more rain. Really.

And we have the never-ending papansin moment of the Gutierrez family, regarding our local showbiz news. For goodness sakes, (I know someone would react on this shit once again, a Ruffa supporter I presume) can anyone tell me what Ruffa Gutierrez’s talent is? A person has the right to be papansin in showbiz if he or she has the talent. I know that this is a disposable society wherein they throw away minor and full has-beens and all those who stay are real good players, well not all of them though, politics do play a great part in our local showbiz.

So, again, can anyone remind me Ruffa Gutierrez’s real talent aside from uhm… yeah, if she has one?


Now, I have a project. If you’re familiar with 7-11’s Presidential cup voting where you purchase a cup of whatnot and 7-11 considers it as a mock vote from their so-called mock list of presidential candidate race. Or whatever you want to call that shit.

I find this one on a stupid level. Come on. It feels like this is another form of vote buying, but not really. A person can buy five votes just to increase a candidate’s standing.

So, here’s my project. There are fifty-four days left for the upcoming elections. I am going to buy the Perlas votes and I want you to vote for Perlas too.

Currently, he’s at the lowest spot right now at around 854 votes. Our aim is to at least be part of the top five. That’s like the lowest votes for that area is 10,000 cups already.

But hey, we have to be positive in everything.

7-11’s idea is stupid.

Mine’s way better.

Vote for Perlas. And win a kabibe.


~ by targrod on March 15, 2010.

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