~ Three De ~

I should always remind myself to check on the grade/score/whatnot (I’m missing words right now, I am very sleepy) of a film before I lash out two hundred and fifty bucks. I never knew that watching a 3d film can be both exciting and a let down at the same time.

If I remember it correctly, the last 3d film I saw was The Adventures of Lavaboy and Sharkgirl or whatever the title was. The glasses that we got were a little bit ancient. Do you remember the time where they sell these paper and colored cellophane 3d glasses in the palengke? Yeah, SM gave out those glasses to that Whaleboy film. Come to think of it, the boy in that film looked like a wolf in a very bad film that consists of a bulimic and an anemic.

Lo and behold and thanks to the wonders of the mind of James Cameron (tangina) he was able to reprise the decades old idea of 3d viewing. And every film outfit is joining the freakin’ bandwagon.

So, I was able to grab a few trailers and I was sodomized este awesome’d by the sheer 3d goodness of Shrek four or Shrek 3d or something old, something new from the makers of they-stole-the-color-from-Incredible-Hulk. It was awesome. It is as if the creatures were just right there, in front of you. Yes, even the eyes of Puss and Donkey’s tongue.

Enter Clash Of The Titans film. With my great emancipation este anticipation I waited for around twenty minutes for any awesome 3d scenes. The Olympus scene entered, highly stupid sparkling Zeus scene. Then, the scorpions came, no luck. An obviously CGI-made Medusa scene came, still no luck. And the fuckin’ Kraken scene, Kraken-ng-ina naman, where’s the awesome 3d scene or scenes, if you want to be pluralized about it.

Now, if you remove the 3d glasses, the film would still be useless. With the entire red and blue outline. So, I tried to watch the film in all its 3d glory, or whatever they want to call it.

It was such a let down. We should’ve listened to our co-worker, “mas ok yan sa 2d, pwede nga din sana kung basahin niyo na lang yung script. Ganun din naman.”


Next, wtf-Sam-Worthington. Here’s my take on that man. He is becoming typecast on films. If they are going to do a live version of Ferngully, expect this one folks, they’re going to cast the bida of that film made only for Sam Worthington.

Again. Wtf.

… which brings me to the idea that this year seemed a little bit of mythology, here and there; I swear, mythology is really cool. There are more to Percy Jackson and Clash Of The Titans. I’m just happy that they are trying to revive the wonderful world of old school awesomeness. I do wish people who saw these films would at least try to do a little bit of reading or research. They don’t need to be scholars in the subject; at least a familiarization of the idea is good. I always wanted to do a whole year of mythology reading. I just can’t find the time yet. I’m mytholotired e.


And where’s the freakin’ boob shot? So there.


~ by targrod on April 8, 2010.

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