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How well do you know your presidentiables or even any of the political candidates?

Admittedly, I still haven’t had the time to sit down and list all of the candidates that I am voting for. Basically, our local candidates suck.

Kumbaga sa kasabihan, wala nang pinagbago, same shit pa din yung tatakbo. I think it is quite obvious if you see a mayor or a governor is doing his / her job if you see improvements.

Nakapunta ka na ba sa lugar namin?

You do know that Cainta is the highest rate where Ondoy did its job. May nakita ka bang improvements? Shit as usual.

Going back to the original question at hand. I’ve been voting ever since I turned 18, I’m assuming I’ve voted for four times already (?) and from what I learned kahit anong hirap mo sa pagpili mo sa isang kandidato, kung sino yung deserving sa inyo, yun ang makukuha ninyo.

Scientifically, it is as simple as: you get out of your way to check out the platform of each and every candidates that you’ll see. You know your candidate is the best among the competition. Then let us try to check out the ordinary Filipino mamamayan. He gets inside the precinct with ten of his kin; they do a block vote of a single candidate whom they think qualifies enough for their taste. Maaaring nakinabang sila sa pamamagitan ng mga pinamigay na t-shirts, grocery, or 500 pesos. Or maaaring tinakot ang pamilya nila ng local na gobyerno and they have no choice on whom they’re going to vote for. And to add, we Filipinos love underdogs and familiarity is a big, big factor to get the vote.

At syempre kung part ka ng isang malaking religious congregation, we have another block vote in that sense.

Kaya nga nanalo si Erap last time hindi ba? And no one is giving that excuse for now. It seems na nakalimutan na natin ang nangyari. Do you want another set of Senate Query shit and pagpyestahan na naman tayo ng mga dayuhan dahil sa katangahan nating mga Pilipino sa pagboto sa isang tao na hindi naman karapat-dapat maging isang lider ng Pilipinas?


For the vice-presidency, I will graciously vote for Mar Roxas. Simple lang naman kasi ang sagot ko diyan. Nung umupo si Mar as DTI secretary, ang gas hindi nagtaas ng presyo, isama mo na ang mga prices sa market. Kaya nga naging Mr. Palengke ang nickname niyan. Given the chance na maging vice-president siya, I’m sure hindi siya magiging pulpol na vice-president. And for any apparent reason na mawala ang presidente, he is also good to be our president.

Next in the list is probably Bayani Fernando. And that’s it. I won’t vote for Binay for a lot of reasons I won’t tell. And Loren, Loren who?


For the senatoriables, I am actually at a big lost for that lot. If I remember it correctly, naghirap ako last time nag mag-ipon ng aking top twelve. It ended up nowhere and from what I heard, nagkadayaan daw sa Comelec, and I don’t want to think about it at the present.

Obviously, I am not going to vote for Bongbong. Here’s an insight, Winnie Monsod was interviewing this handsome man, and informed him of the Human Rights Violations that their family brought upon our nation when his father was still the president. Ang sabi lang ni Bongbong, “dati pa yun.” What the fuck?

So, ngayon erased na lahat yung mga nangyari? Ano to, grade school? Pwedeng mag-erase kasi walang snopeyk at pors pild?

I am going to vote for Acosta and Bautista. Basta, vote for them. I’ll try to look for good points for these candidates for the upcoming days.

I am definitely going to vote for Sonia Roco. Again, I have to verify something first before I write stuff.

And probably, my vote is for Bong Revilla. If I remember it correctly, this is the same guy who can control pirates. And if you’re going to look at this track record, ok din. Sabit lang talaga kasi kay Jolo Revilla. Anyhoo, I’m still thinking if I should vote for him actually. Ayoko na kasi sa trapo. Let the new breed brood este take the senatorial seats. Kung si Gibo, Delos Reyes, at si Perlas tumakbo for senate, iboboto ko sila. Pati si BF na din.


Lastly, the last time I heard, voting is democratic. Trust me; we have our own reasons on who we are voting for. So, before you give me the insulting tone on I am voting, be sure to check your candidate first if he / she is as good as my candidate/s.

~ by targrod on May 6, 2010.

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