~ Bye Bye ~

I first encountered the English equivalent of bato-balani at an area in the channel two premises and that was almost seven years ago. My first impression of this establishment is just one of those high-fallutin’ places for the rich and famous.

Fast forward to 2007 / 2008, someone invited me to attend an event that makes you sing in front of an audience using a live band. Well, that is an awesome idea, I told myself. As a videoke patron, I thought it would be nice to shy away from those one-tuned type of songs and instead try to come up with your own style, and again, with a live band to back you up.

And I was right, when I went home I felt great and to say it bluntly, it was awesome.

But the events didn’t end there. I was hearing of this local improv group in the Internet and even in our local broadsheets. I am a Drew Carey fan; he is famous for the U.S. version of Whose Line Is It Anyway (oh! Google it if ya don’t know it), and I’ve always wanted to see something like this.

So we went. And again, I enjoyed the gig.

Now, Mag:net Café in Boni High Street made a farewell show yesterday, it includes two of my fave events SPIT and Rockeoke, and it really hit a spot. To all those peeps that went to the event/s in that area would and could attest that a time in that place is really worth it.

The place is closing (I’m assuming it is their last day today and they might open the area for the management’s friends and families only) and you might say that there are still events happening in the other Mag:Net café located in Katipunan (last time I heard the place is closing too) but cynical as it may seem, a lot of memories have been written in this part of The Fort and for sure, it will never be forgotten.

Yes, I was really affected with the establishment going out of business. I had the habit of going to that place a minimum of two visits every month. I brought friends over and even if the crowd is a little bit high-end, it doesn’t matter; we didn’t just go to that place to mingle, we go there to enjoy.

So, kudos to the SPIT ensemble, Rockeoke host JC, the Oven Toasters, the BHS Mag:Net staff, and of course, to Gabe Mercado.


Wala na kong Ilu-look forward sa lugar na yun! I can only say ‘good times’ tuwing maririnig ko yung lugar na iyun. Yes, naiiyak ako and I don’t know why.


~ by targrod on June 1, 2010.

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