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I’ve wanted to write a lot of things and I know I brought this one up already. I think that was a few weeks or a few months ago. I think I am finally having my groove in the office. And the thing is I hope I am not messing things much up.

Now, I have been “obsessing” on these Korean food and items. I am blaming a few people whom I constantly see their status (es) about the said Korean items. I am just happy that these items aren’t as expensive as gold; maybe a few pesos higher than the usual shit that we consumers buy daily.

I was introduced with the infamous melona bar by these people because they constantly bring up the name melona, as if it is part of their daily lives already. The cat in me and a certain obsession to archaeology searched for it in the Ortigas area. I searched in the below zero fridges of 7-11, Watson’s, Mercury Drug, and as far as the depths of the grocery store in Megamall.

With me being a guy, I didn’t ask anyone on where to find these damn Korean items. After a few hours and my innate extreme genius intelligence (heh) I was able to deduct that these items are probably found in those Korean marts. And I was right. I was effin’ right!

At first I was kind of stupid to ask if the item that I am holding is the so-called melona bar. I trusted the guy who smirked and told me, “ayun po oh!”, pointing at the sign that clearly says “melona bar”. I tasted it and it was actually good. It was kind of different with the usual Selecta or Magnolia ice cream treats where you’ll actually feel the creamy flavor of the melona bar.

And then I tried the other cold treats. It was good too though the melona bar is probably the best among the rest. And I am probably going to try more of the other Korean stuff in the near future.




I did introduce the treats to my officemates and they liked it. And I missed the Tugs Tugs Selecta event yesterday.

And one of the Korean mini-marts is open twenty-four seven. Yey!


~ by targrod on June 5, 2010.

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