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Isn’t it nice that when you have no complains this time for this specific item or event, you’ll end up complaining on something that is probably related with it.

A few weeks / months ago I reklaimed (in Filipino, reklamo) about the so-called hit film Clash of the Titans and this film practically gave me the idea that all 3d films suck.

I know 3d prudes are probably shouting right now that I should have seen the 3d version of Avatar. Oh, please don’t blame me for not shelving out three hundred bucks for a freaking film.

(kung si Jovan may beer / alcohol currency, ako may pirated dvd currency where a 3d film can be converted to almost ten pirated dvd’s already. Dude, ten films na yun. Hindi pa ba nage-gets ng ibang mga Pinoy na ang mga movie houses ay form of cheap momol places. Awkward kasi kung sa motel, kasi hindi momol ang ginagawa dun. At mas awkward sa hotel, kasi aabutin ka na nun ng 140 pirated dvd’s. Dun pa yun sa pinakamurang hotel na maayos.)

So, I tried it once again, this time with the fourth installment of Shrek. I must say that at least this time the 3d is quite good and expected actually. At least I had the leisure of watching the film without any reklaim for the sucky 3d graphics that COTT once held, at least to my account.

Now, the film… Well, the same formula was still used somehow. We still have the same cast from the likes of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Puss (puss is such a clever name noh? Pansin ko lang.) And they *spoilers… oh spoilers my ass, hindi ko naman ikwe-kwento yung buong story. duh* introduced a new character, Rumple. And can anyone tell me why I am not affected with the new character?

I mean, yeah, he’s the supposedly kick-ass villain back in the fairy tale world but this time he looked lame in a Shrek-world sort of way. Unlike Pussy in Bootsy when he was introduced, everyone automatically loved him (maybe because he was protagonist, yeah…)

And the film itself, it lacked the needed fun. It feels like this is some kind of fan service. Maybe, maybe it is just I. I do wish that they filled this film with music like what they did before. Who cares if people might think that they are doing a Glee? Come on, I’m A Believer came out almost a decade ago. They started it.

Oh well, my points are actually mababaw. I didn’t watch Shrek 4 as a critique but as a regular movie-goer who spent 300 bucks for a freakin’ 3d film.


In fairness may drinks and popcorn na kasama dun sa package. Ok na din. Sa Robinson’s Galleria nga pala ako nanood by the way.

And oh oh oh, they should introduce 3d glasses clip-ons. Para sa mga taong nakasuot na ng salamin. It is really quite weird kung dalawa yung suot kong glasses. Pero suggestion lang ito.


~ by targrod on June 10, 2010.

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