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If you were going to look back at the nineties and think of personalities that affected your childhood, whom would you automatically think? The names Rene Requiestas and Andrew E. pop into my mind.

The two personalities aren’t really competitors since they ruled the comedy scene on a different time. I’ll start off with Rene Requiestas.

Aside from the heartbreaking MMK for Rene portrayed by Long Mejia, this guy started with (forgive me if I get this one wrong, I’m basing this on pure memory) the show, ‘The Sic O Clock News’. Now, he started big in the nineties with eleven movies in one year (this actually happened in 1989 though his fame extended to the early nineties and pagbigyan mo na ko, walang basagan ng trip). With hits such as Leon at Tigre, Starzan 1 and 2, Long Ranger and Tonton, Elvis and James, and Supermouse and the Roborats. I know you’re probably going to ask, ‘Sino yung ibang artista sa Leon at Tigre?’ That’s the film by Rene with Maricel. Oh, now you remember it since most of the films I mentioned, you are already aware with it.

Then, he was able to make twenty plus films up until his death in 1993. Imagine that, for just five years he was able to create his legacy and own brand of comedy. This guy doesn’t look like the caliber of TVJ or Jaime Fabregas but with his perfect timing and a charismatic brand of style of comedy he was able to bring in the audiences to the local film scene. It was nice kasi hindi naman siya ganun ka-bastos like what TVJ can provide.

Maybe his ‘Hee hee hee’ laugh brought the laughter from the audience. I miss this guy actually and thank God films are timeless.

Moving on to Andrew Espiritu; who started as a rapper. He was, then, given a chance by the film outfits to show his acting skills. The thing is, he was not gwapo and he was given lead roles, taking out the fact that most of his films are mostly consisted of cheap slapstick scenes, Andrew blurting out, ‘Sinong panget? Hindi ako panget!’, and scantily clad ladies in bikinis (come on, ilang magagandang babae na ba ang nahalikan ni Andrew on-screen?)

Tell me, are you familiar with the following film titles: Andrew Ford Medina, Mahirap Maging Pogi, Alabang Girls, Ang Boyfriend Kong Gamol, Megamol, Banyo Queen, and S2pid Luv. If you’re familiar with the pattern, the film titles are mostly taken from his “hit” songs.

I don’t get it sometimes on why I watch this guy on the boob tube every time any of his films are shown on the PBO channel. The jokes mostly are lame and the slapstick is way used already.

Maybe there is one thing that brings in the crowd: the loser status. He told Filipinos that ‘being ugly’ is not a hindrance and instead it gives you an idea that every one has the fair chance with other guys who are better than you or more pogi-er than you.


Oh, I do miss these cheap films. Masyado na tayong sosyal an quality conscious to not watch these type of films. Believe me, hindi sila waste of time. It cleanses your soul and replenishes your vitamin B1 complex.



~ by targrod on June 10, 2010.

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