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Kids nowadays are really lucky. Parents tend to be more nutritionally-wise when it comes to kid snacks. They even buy the most expensive food from the grocery just to feed their wonderful little brood. And the funny thing is sometimes they tend to overdo it; to the point of fat malnutrition.

Yes, there is such a thing as a fat and malnourished kid.

When I was a little boy…

Heh. Little boy. Moving along… (I just found that really funny. It’s like two decades already. Duh)

So, when I was a little boy, I and my cousins came up with a simple snack, good for children of our age and for the economically-insufficient kids.

Before anything else, you have to take note of the following. Food is cheap twenty years ago. Imagine this: a saging con hielo costs two pesos and fifty centavos. Think about that. There’s ice, milk and a big saba in a bowl.

Tell me, two pesos and fifty centavos is what nowadays?

As said, here’s our simple-minded kick-ass kid-snack. First, gather money, you should at least have an amount of twenty pesos. Then, go to the suking tindahan and try to buy the following sodium-enriched goodies: a pack of pritos ring, a pack of cheezels, a pack of daimos, a pack of kirei, a pack of cheese curlz, and around two packs of those unknown chiscurls.

Mix them all in a bowl.

But wait, there’s more, you have to purchase those small containers that includes milk powder in it. And then you make budbod it all around the bowl filled with heavenly sodiumized food.

Sodiumized? Heh.

Finally, get a small pack of stay fresh and also add it.

And voila!


Yes, we did this when we were kids. Really!


~ by targrod on June 12, 2010.

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