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For the peeps that love the world of sports, you are in for a treat. This month is surely a great time for it, we have the NBA, we have Futbol, we have F1, and the National Association of Spider Fighters.

Then, we have boxing. I’ll start with boxing first. It has been a circus lately for the so-called opponents of Manny P. It all started with Mayweather blurting out that Manny ingests the bad pills. Then Hatton is also claiming the same shit.

So, are they saying that a person who came from some marginalized place in the Philippines can actually afford to taint his own name to fame? Can’t they just accept that there is such a thing as a natural talent? We have Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and Michael Phelps, aren’t they good in their own games too? And no one is even claiming that they’re taking the bad pill.

I guess the non-Asian supremacy is kicking in. Sounds like a little bit of racist and discrimination from their side. Come on, if you know you’re good and you’re talented, you don’t have to worry if you’re opponent is taking the bad pill. It is a simple as you can take him out with your blow and you don’t need to blame anything else.


Sadly, I am not a fan of futbol or soccer if you’re an American. I always enjoyed playing soccer when I was in elementary and high school. I know my teammates or classmates didn’t want to play with me but they had no choice before. It was part of the curriculum and I always end up as a fullback.

So much for me being a lampa.

Seriously, I find soccer boring if I watch it on television. And even playing it via a video game.

Prolly, it might be a little bit different if our country enters the international scene. I want to sing “Ole! Ole! Ole!” too.

But for now, I’d rather check the standings and wait for a European or South American country to win the whole tourney.


Lastly, I won’t jinx this for Garnett and the rest of the team. I am just going to root for them and hopefully they win the finals for this year. It is just so sweet that the second stringers did something big in game four.

Oh, did you see that Allen block against Gasol? Awesome.


~ by targrod on June 14, 2010.

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