~ G fail ~

So, I was right all along…

A vague definition of being a geek is someone who is intelligent and obsessed in a certain topic or subject. Let’s say you love the show Seinfeld so much that you’ve seen all the seasons five times already and you probably know a lot of medium to hard trivia regarding the show then you can say that you are a Seinfeld geek.

You’re a nerd if you’re socially inefficient. But that’s another story.

I never saw myself as a geek. I know I love pop culture and I know the basics of the geek world but I know I am not a geek (or not geeky as opposed to a common homo sapien). I am actually bad with the specifics and the nitty gritty details. All I know is as long as I experienced it; I’m good with it. I don’t need to turn back and try it again. I only do it again if I want to relax.

Like when it comes to movies, I watch The Goonies a lot of times already but I can’t even remember the characters in that film.

Again, I knew I was right.

You see, last night, I tried my first ever Geek Fight Night and this post is actually a mix of ranting and raving. I’ll do the raving later.

I think it is quite obvious with the title already. The rules are quite simple, you form a group of eight and then you get to answer geeky questions. Ten questions per round and eight rounds per game and there is a bonus round too.

Now, prior to the supposed game night, the topics per round are actually informed via facebook (and some other websites). Topics include adaptations, Russia, fairy tales, femme fatales, Geek IQ, devil, weapons, medieval times, and Whedonverse.

Questions are leading to geek pop culture. So, when you say Russia, they’re not actually going to ask the Russian equivalent of hello or Good Morning. A sample question is: What is Zangief’s form of kung fu used in the video game Street Fighter (or something in this sense)? The answer is (if I remember it clearly) Sambo.

And for me, it was really sucky, I never get to answer anything. I wasn’t able to help Team Yale.

Questions that I didn’t / almost answered: (the questions are vaguely right)
– What are the three plagues in the medieval times? Bubonic… I forgot the other two and the thing is I just read this shit earlier.
– What is the name of Ian Veneracion who played a devil in an old eighties film? The only jologs question in the lot and I didn’t even get it. The answer is Devon. I answered Lucio.
– What item did the girl need to steal from Pan in Pan’s Labyrinth? The answer is dagger, which would’ve thought of that. I know I love Guillermo, serves me right of not watching this film again.
– There’s this Prince of Persia question that I can’t remember the exact inquiry asked and the thing is I was playing with the game for the past week. I know right.
– And there’s this question about the abilities of a White Knight in the game Magic: The Gathering. What the fuck. I use blue-white when I was playing this game for years back in high school and college. And I forgot.

I know. I am not a geek. I am not entirely sad about it. I am not entirely happy about it either.

But thank God I got the geeks with me. They are really good. And I’m thankful they’ve included me in the team even if I ended up as a kibitzer.


I’m not promising anything. I’d like to join them again even if I know I wouldn’t answer any of the geek questions. Oh well…


~ by targrod on June 21, 2010.

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