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I love cheats. How about you? Do you love cheats?

I’m referring to computer game cheats. It was kind of great before since the graphics were fairly simple. Aside from the Konami code, here are four cheats that I can still remember up until now.

– Star Wars Family Computer / Nintendo edition

This game was really hard. It was a side-scrolling game. And ADHD kids like me desire to see the ending. The cheat was fairly tricky for this game. You need to get a screwdriver. You need to butingting the Family Computer’s teeth, the one used for the Family Computer gun. You butingting it until you get the level select screen and choose the last level. Voila, you get to ride the Plutonium Falcon and kill that great big orb that includes all the baddies in it. I think you call that big orb, Omnicron. The ending is fairly cute since the heroes change from Han Double to Luke Skyrunner to Chewbantot.

– G.I. Joe

Aside from Channing Tatum’s film that sucked big time. I remember this game to be utmost fun since you get to choose the different G.I. Joe characters. There’s Duke, Snake Eyes, Lito Lapid, etc. Now, enter this code DRR3J0V8C and you’d get the hidden character, which is Lion-O. Siriusly, I can’t remember who the bonus character was. I just wanted to voice this one out that I still remember the stupid code up until now and I can’t even use it on anything. Stupid code.

– Rockman 3 / Megaman 3

With the magulo life of the Japanese and American game developers, I can’t seem to understand why Rock equates to Mega. If the case is true then we can call these malls as Megawell and Rockmall? Right. So, moving on to the game. For this game, you need to use your toe/s. You need to press the Right button at the second player for invincibility and press A or B (can’t remember) for the high jump, also, at the second player console. It was actually ok if this is the case but do you remember the sickness of family computer’s before? If you make tabig the actual console, it usually hangs. Imagine me playing the Dr. Wiley stage and someone makes tabig the Family Computer.

– Super Mario 3

I didn’t like the first Super Mario since I never learned to do that stupid ‘100 lives cheat’. What I did, then, was to look for the “cheated” Super Mario 3 game and voila, you just have to press Select and Up during the pre-stage screen (the one that looks like a map) and you get to choose any of the items in the game. I think the game needs two whistles to enter World Eight.


Isn’t it surprising that I can still remember these cheats? Despite my generation having a near unfocused life, I can still say that I didn’t spend the whole day playing the family computer. There weren’t any other options for video games. PC’s are way expensive before and Gameboys too! To add, cartoons are limited and they have a certain range regarding the scheduling on any of the local channels. One has to get out of the house and play on the streets. That was fun.

How about kids nowadays? PC’s are fairly cheap so you can play DOTA, Mafia Wars, or Plants VS. Zombies nowadays. Google is the in thing and when you say research, you don’t look for books to read and do ‘research’ with. You just type in a few words and you Google it.

So, how is the next generation going to adjust to today’s life? I think I am seeing a few of them around. Some of them are extreme slackers and some of them are mostly quiet.

I am oh so hoping for a brighter future for the next generation.


Wag niyo kong gayahin. Tamad ako.


~ by targrod on June 23, 2010.

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