~ Glee ch ~

Hay. Enuff na with the Charice Pempengco brouhaha or somekindachurva.

Let us give her a freakin’ break. Come on. Someone has to pay all the bills (sadly, siya ang bread weiner siguro ng family nila.) We need money to survive and that’s the bottomline.

Personally, as long as wala namang ginagawang masama yung tao, wag muna natin siyang husgahan or anything in that sense. I know it is really easy to bring down a person but it is much harder to side with her and tell her that she is doing a good job.

It just happen na luck was / is on her side.

Yung mga dapat siyempre nating ikahiya, yung mga tulad ni Vanessa-I-am-going-to-send-you-my-nude-peek-so-that-you-can-sariling-sikap-when-I-am-not-with you Hayskulmusicale or even Andrew Cunanan.

Ok. Sino si Andrew? Siya yung pumatay kay Gianni Versace. Fil-am yata siya.

And yes, yan yung mga dapat na medyo maging icky tayo.

I know Charice is really not likable for some but Pinoys abroad like her. She makes everyone proud and don’t you think we should be proud of her too?

And regarding Glee, I’m sure she won’t taint the show and let us just wait and see if her guesting / acting career would create something in that moneymaking television show. Let us just wait the time when she perform her first Glee episode and then react right after. I’m sure we can’t react kasi bagyo month ang September. Puro brown-out nun.

Ha ha ha.

Now, the only weird part is with Charice having a romantic relationship with any of the Glee cast. I doubt if there’ll be some Asian Flip action. A teacher-student relationship with Will is kinda malabo, he had one relationship too many na. A Finn relationship is possible while a Puck relationship would create an angry mob of Filipinos of the female population. An Artie relationship is quite malabo too.

Yeah, let us just wait and see.


~ by targrod on June 24, 2010.

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