~ pop pop ~

I love the term ‘you win some, you lose some’.

For example, I went to Subic yesterday, ala road trip baga. And then, with what I usually do whenever I drop by to the land of px goods, I immediately or usually look for cans of a&w cream soda flavored colas.

Tough luck, I tried to look for that shit in two stores. To no avail, it was a phail that I didn’t get to taste the gracious goodness of the said diabetically-full beverage.

Oh yeah, the new interior of Royal along with some kick-ass aircon is wonderfully cool. (yes. lame pun. ikr?)

Back in the day where I would get six-packers of those drinks, I also look for those delicious parallelograms of happiness called poptarts. (Notice that I didn’t use the word square and instead made parallelogram as a replacement. Math is love.)

Around five or four variants of poptarts were waiting in the aisle. If only I had moolah to buy them all (they were like 4 dollars each? I can’t remember exactly.) A pint of Ben & Jerry’s was also calling moi loins and I forbade the call (we ended up eating packs of melona bar. It was all good.)

And with that, we can easily and sneakily insert love in the situation.

Think about this, a ball is round. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. And sometimes you are sad because of someone and happy because you are with someone.

Di ba?

Everything is represented with love. Trust me. I can even make a month’s worth of entries and I can talk about love every day.

But that’s like “my friend’s blog entries are all about love daily. I am sick of it. FML.”


~ by targrod on June 27, 2010.

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