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It may sound weird but it feels like I am one of the few people contributing on the radio about the supernatural stuff.

Define ‘contributing on the radio’ first. You see, I am an active rusher and whenever there is a chance that I could give an entry relating to the supernatural, I usually hand out the information.

After my entry earlier, I realized that not a lot of people talk about this paranormal stuff. For instance, with my recent out of town trip, I have, probably, most eerie stories shared. I did include the basic of the supernatural rules, that we have the spirits on the left and the elementals on the right side of the realm (there may be more but that is what I have learned and experienced so far.)

I can also say that since my sixth sense is majorly opened (dude, majorly? Like Majorly Barretto-Padilla, heh), I can say that I can actually feel it. My mom can see the supernatural beings clearly and I love it whenever we go to a wake and my mom would whisper to me, “kaya ako medyo nagulat kanina, yinakap niya ko at nagpasalamat siya sa akin.”

And I definitely “unlike” it if the elemental sees me as a threat; you see, I went to the gf’s house a week ago and it was my first time to enter their house. The moment I enter the living room, both shoulders felt something heavy and I felt uneasy. And I can’t seem to remember if I had a headache but I am quite sure that I am starting to have a fever at that time. I told her that I need to get out of the house (we ended up in the garage/patio) and I thought I am actually having a fever.

Side note: Whenever I encounter the dreaded fever, I usually end up sick for a minimum of three days. Yes, I have that sort of thing. Whatever it means.

So, I went home. I didn’t get to eat dinner and I slept for hours. And then I woke up feeling better. Double-checking if I have / had fever and to my surprise (not really), I am not sick.

Looks like I have to co-exist with that entity that is living in my gf’s house. I have to and I need to.


Yes, belief in these things plays a big factor if you want to experience it.

And for me, I want the supernatural stuff in my life as it plays an advantage on my part. Given the old adage, “what you wouldn’t know wouldn’t hurt you” is not actually applicable in this case.

Actually mas nakakatakot pa nga yung ginagawa ni Balot (yung bago nating VP) ngayon e.


~ by targrod on July 7, 2010.

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