~ Seventy Three ~

The best way to bring in the crowd, especially of the female population, is to bring in a “hunk” in a “very big” event. That’s like two quote-unquotes in one sentence. Nice noh?

Let us put it in reality. For now, I’ll be representing DLSU.

So, after a lot of things that had happened, we’ll try to do something different. Let’s do something like a little bit tamer. And let us look for ideas that would bring in the non-La Salle crowd.

Filipinos love fantaseryes. Hey! That’s an idea! Let’s do a fantaserye theme. We’ll create costumes per university, something that would represent them and probably create a script with matching short story on the side.

For the location, let’s do it cheap. Let’s do it in campus and shoot at the wee hours of the morning. We’ll just use the vicinity around the football field.

Let us do something patriotic and united. (I think they got it here. They are willing to dwindle down the production value in exchange for good moral values. I am all for this idea.) Let us unite all the universities in beating a group that came out of nowhere. They should, of course, wear black pants, black jackets, and shades. Yes, shades in the middle of the night.

We don’t need a good story actually. We just need to highlight the schools per scene and create something iconic, like uniting DLSU and ADMU in one scene. That might look awesome.

For the cast, let’s make it simple. Let the athletes per university do the acting. They’ll be blackmailed of course by the sports offices per university. They won’t notice that they are being had anyway.

As for me, the host team, I’ll do something sneaky. I’ll invite Enchong Dee. After his Bench stint, he would probably want more exposure.

Ta-dah. We are officially bringing in the female population. Despite the “hate” from the other schools, the female population will like us. I am abso-fuckin-lutely sure about it. I can actually hear the screams inside the coliseum and the girls who are watching the television.

I am a genius.


I have one complain though, what the hell happened with the cheering of the DLSU crowd? What the fuck? No excitement from the gallery. What’s wrong with you guys? I swear, those schublig balloons are like so five years ago. Come on peeps! Bring in the spirit.



And I will not comment on the variety show-ish presentation. I liked it.


~ by targrod on July 13, 2010.

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