~ 3. 1415 ~

Joining a contest has always been fun for me. That’s why the moment I saw Panahon Ko To, I had this niche on joining that game show albeit some problems with my co-contestants. You see, the game show needs three people to play for a team. The team should have someone in his twenties, a person in his thirties/forties, and someone who is old enough for the sixties era.

I love trivia. Period.

So, it didn’t matter if I join something that I am not actually inept at but I know, and somehow, I can contribute with. For the past few weeks, I am enticed with the idea of geek fight.

Seriously, this is a hard trivia contest. The questions aren’t mainstream-ly friendly and most often than not, it comprises of foreign questions that ranges from science fiction to various television shows to old school and new games and to comics.

The first time I joined, it really felt that I was the weakest link. I practically watched people give answers. I guess I reviewed the wrong end of the topic. Joining Team Yale, we still placed second.

Then came the we-went-there-to-have-fun-and-not-to-win the game. It proved successful. That night was actually memorable for me for giving the answer “spanking” the horse and a Twilight-related question (groan).

Last Friday was different, I actually helped Team Yale and we won against fourteen teams. We practically had a good grasp on almost all of the topics except for music (which is a very vague topic), crime movies (fuck the names and shit), and games (new games will always kill our team, thank God for old-school games). The end game was actually exciting since our team got the same total score with Carl’s team and the tie-breaking question was: “Pahabaan ng value ng Pi.”

I guess the Geek Fight peeps are expecting us on the 23rd. Yeah! Bring it on!


What a very standard blog entry. I’m trying to get the hang of this shit once again. I am so lazy oh so recently.


~ by targrod on August 9, 2010.

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