~ La lang ~

And then I haz another set of music inputs and whatnots… for thiz year.

I’ve been taking tidbits of stuff from my memory and so far I had three foreign acts attended:
– Backstreet Boys
– Club 8
– Boyz II Men

I missed a few along the way such as:
– Paramore
– Dashboard Confessional

And I am expecting one act this November:
– Gin Blossoms

So far, I’ve spent less than three thousand for the three acts that I attended and I am actually satisfied. I have a thing that I don’t need to buy those expensive tickets. They are in the music industry and I am actually satisfied in hearing them live. And to add, those people who can afford hayfalutin’ tickets are usually the cornier fans (not all of course, I might contradict myself if I explain myself further. Oh wait, erase the last sentence to avoid any other explanations. Oh well…)

There are a lot of other acts that happened and will be happening for this year and aren’t we all glad that our country is experiencing this kind of phenomena? Where foreigners milk our money for their presence? In fairness, the performances are almost always a win so no one will say that they’ve been robbed.

Oh, we’ve experienced that shit before. We have to thank everyone who contributed in saying that the Philippines shouldn’t be missed with regards to concerts and acts.


Once the E-heads box set comes out, I’ll try to revive my original First Ed Fruitcake book. The only E-heads item that is currently in my possession, thanks to Ondoy, I had to throw them out… with a heavy heart.

Losses include cheap masks from the album with the song Maskara, Pillbox number two magazines, and all my E-heads cassette tapes.

Oh, and that book that was signed by Ely and Marcus and a Neil Gaiman book signed by Raims.

Oh wow, nostalgia is killing me. Taking out the optimism inside me, I may have to say that I can start all over again despite the band’s un-existence.



~ by targrod on August 19, 2010.

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