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I guess no one is really too old for activity-related such as amusement parks. Just like two-dozen office employees and me who embarked on a mini-journey to the joyous place called Enchanted Kingdom.

Walangya… Embarked?

So, last Saturday was the day when we get to be kids once again. The usual rides were there: bumpin’ madness of Dodgem, that mini-roller-ride ala Catterpillar, the puke-worthy Anchor’s Aweigh, the you’re not sure if you’re gonna get wet Jungle Log Jam, and the ever faithful wet look Rio Grande. Don’t forget the high Flying Fiesta to make you dry after getting ooh la la wet.

Hopes went to nadda when we rode the Rialto. To the think tank group who thought about using Speed Racer the movie as their ride is simply ridiculous. We wanted something 3d and not just watching a clip from the film. It was stupid actually.

There are a lot of side and semi-side attractions too! Let me see, I saw those big balls (pun very much intended) with a person inside it floating, teh cute Rockin’ Noggin’ (or was it Noggin’ Rockin’) where you create your own funny music video, a go-kart circuit, a paint ball place, and SRR:X or EK’s version of a Haunted Mansion. Seriously, the mansion was quite good and they should extend the place a couple of meters more (with newer scary things inside.)

I also forgot to mention the Space Shuttle (which I promised myself that I should just ride this awesome ride once in my entire life), the Wheel of Fate or the kick-ass Ferris wheel, and the Merry Go Round that looks engrande but it is actually the lamest ride in the vicinity.

And above everything else, there is only one complaint that I’d like to say. The volume of people who goes to Enchanted Kingdom is really volumized (if ever there is such a word). I swear and I thought to myself, “akala ko ba naghihirap ang mga Pilipino?” The lines for the rides are the best and great time-wasters and it really sucks since you do want to try every ride.

To add, they are adding a water theme park beside the area.

The Street performers were wonderful too. A few danced flamenco and these same dancers also donned thirties type of costumes. And catching the Bloomfields live with long sets is also wicked.


I think I am really too old for this type of amusement, I got sick the next day. Hooray for oldies!


~ by targrod on August 25, 2010.

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