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Last Sunday, Scholastics and National Bookstore celebrated Mockingjay’s release. A launch party was held at the upper ground of Bestsellers, Robinson’s Galleria.

The actual release date of the books was August 25. It was quite obvious on why the party was held on a Sunday. Come on; ask one of the stupidest students in your class and you’d probably know why.

A LARP or Live Action Role Playing Game was once again the highlight of the said event. And once again, moi and Joan joined the activity for the second time around. In the second book, Catching Fire, the participants of the Quarter Quarell were called Careers. And isn’t it funny that me and my teammate career’ed the event.

A few booths were found at the site such as a photo booth, a Peeta bread booth (by now you should’ve noticed the pun, I’m not saying that the pun is bad, I’m just saying the pun exists), a Haymitch bar (which I really didn’t get), and another one, a blue Sprite station.


The party kicked off with an open book discussion of the bilogy (I know it should be trilogy but they have just released the third book and people’s lips were zippered with spoilers) of The Hunger Games. It was actually a surprise for me that the book gathered a following from a few people that are probably respected in their own book-related fields.

(I’m going to make this one short since I want to make a personal review of Mockingjay)

Points were made on why The Hunger Games garnered attention. One, is the Twilight theme of the bilogy (but seriously? Compare this to Twilight? Come on.) Then, there’s the concept of survival ala Battle Royale that includes violence without beauty. And lastly, character favorites.

Now, I’d also like to react on people who raise their hands and blabber on stage. Come on. Really? (I’m stopping here. Bitch mode off)

After an interesting book discussion, a simple debate came up. Are you for Team Peeta or Team Gale? The debate was quite interesting after these two darlings, eventually, started to throw mud at each other. I guess catfights regarding book characters also exist.

And then I remember the oh-so-many shipping debates in Harry Potter and slashes in Lord of the Rings.

But seriously, do we really need to add ships in novels just because a person falls for two people? Seriously, it is quite tiring to create teams whenever the topic of love is at hand.

I think I am just going for the simplicity and the complexity of the story.

The finale gave us the LARP activity, which was divided into five games. The Scholastics people followed the events as activities in the second book, Catching Fire. The first one was the Cornucopia scene where the female member of the team carries her male teammate ala backpack style and then after a few meters of carrying, she shoots an arrow into a big Mockingjay tarpaulin.

Oh, there are twelve teams who joined having two members each team consisting of a boy and a girl career. A team was an obvious exception since both members are missing their respective Adam’s apple.

No. They are not retokada. They are of the female population. Moving on.

And another oh, my partner and I were successful in the first activity. If I may quip her, she specifically said that I weigh like a woman’s shoulder bag, end of quote. Smile.

The second activity involved, and again, the attaching of the stickers (I guess this is called the Tracker Jacker activity). The rules were quite different this time, the female attaches the sticker on the other males and at the same time she has to defend her male teammate. This is probably the most tiring activity since you really have to avoid the stickers. I had to duck and stay behind my teammate. The thing is she’s not broad enough to cover me though we still managed to pull through and to add, the floor was quite clean after this activity. Thanks to me.

The third activity is kinda lame, they called this one the Jabbergay err Jabberjay activity. Wherein the male member has to wear a blindfold and the female member will direct him to a flag. Basically, that’s it. And we got a flag in this round. Yay.

Next is a revised activity of last year’s joust. There were two platforms, one per opposing team, with teammates side by side and their palms forward. Palms of opposing teams touches each other and you have to push your opponent from the platforms. Any team whose teammate falls on the floor first is out. Joan managed to pull through by pushing her opponent first.

The final round was quite simple. I don’t know what the game is called but do you remember those games where there’s a long line of wavy wire and you’re given a circular wire. You have to move your circular wire along the wavy wire without touching it. When the circular wire you’re holding manages to touch that wavy wire, the small device beeps. And Joan got it by having the steadiest hands against the other teams.

And yey, we won the LARP again! =D


Thanks to Scholastics, NBS, and NWA for the goodies. Thanks to my partner too. And special mention to Mrs. Pinch. Mwah!

(I think I have to write again. I’m getting rusty or something in that sense.)


~ by targrod on September 3, 2010.

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