~ non sense ~

Wow. A quiet afternoon during the rainy season and that’s something, mind you. So why don’t I just share a short story that happened last night. And here goes…
So, Gf and I managed to catch a jeep amidst the threatening rains that hovers among the metro. When the jeep’s last stop was up, we had to go out of the jeep one by one, of course. It was drizzling already and some of my senses are missing out.
Like my common sense, for example.
I think couples know about this; there is a sense of security in all aspects. Meaning you should know a couple of their moves and habits, if you’re a new couple. Or probably you know each other wholly, if you’ve been together for so long that you’ve actually surpassed all the versions of the ipod.
As I’ve said, I went out of the jeep, positioning my umbrella to open. I grabbed her using my right hand, partially dragging her to the area where there’s no rain.
And it was quite weird once the brain interacts with the sense of touch. I though she was wearing a jacket? Why is it that her skin is kind of rough? And why isn’t she, side by side with me?
I looked at the person that I was holding. It was not her but a random male stranger whose grin is obviously telling me that I am ultra-stupid.
Stranger left, gf catched up and told me, “Hindi ako yun! Hindi mo ba napansin?”
And moi, “Anak ng. Akala ko magkasunod na tayo.”
And she was also telling me that the stranger glanced at her while grinning.
Sheet. Lesson learned.
No, the stranger wasn’t pogi.

~ by targrod on September 4, 2010.

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