~ roll it ~

So, I promised that I’d try to write crap frequently. And here I am in front of the computer, figuring out what to write about. I have three topics in mind. First is the hostage taking brouhaha that everybody talked about and just like the fame of most reality show contestants, it died down instantly. Well, except for the Hong Kong-ers who can’t let go (I know this is actually up for debate, moving on…)? Then, there’s this incident that happened to our vehicle last week (or was it last week), that I’d like to share; and lastly, something about the concept of chatroulette.

I’m picking the last idea.

According to our friendly Wiki-wiki, this site was founded and created by a seventeen-year old kid who hails from Moscow, Russia. The idea was formed after watching The Deer Hunter, the one with Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep, the scene where they needed to participate in the soul-less Russian roulette.

Chatroulette provides you to do video, audio, and text with anyone in the world who uses the same application. You get to talk to them, curse them, or just do nothing.

I’ve actually heard of this website a few months ago and there’s this tingling sensation of me trying it out but I kept on telling myself on the time spent on such activity. And some other things like a study made that you have 1 of 8 spins to probably see a penis or other objectionable content or a user requesting for female nudity, according again to Wiki-wiki.

What’s the point of doing something like this if all you have to do is to sit down, chat, and stare at a stranger? I’m thinking of something funnier and fun-ner. At least make a few minutes of my time worthwhile.

Or maybe, I’m just too old for this.


(You don’t want to see foreign mammary glands? You do know that that is possible.)

What if a ten-inch penis suddenly pops out of my screen?

(You should still do it mind you; you can always report such things.)

What if they report me instead?

(You-n na.)


~ by targrod on September 5, 2010.

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