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I’d like to start this one by telling everyone that I have kinda severe diarrhea for weeks already.
(Dude, let us not go there. That’s like TMI man!)
Alright, let us try to talk to something that is similar with what I’ve started, Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition.
(And you’re watching your favorite, but forgotten, episode of the X-files; the Chupacabra episode.)
So, who’s your bet?
I’ve been trying really hard to catch episodes of this reality show in channel 7. You see, the moment I hear the words reality and celebrity, it magnetizes me in. And I guess a lot of people experience the same shit too.
Think about it. The usual reality show for the common person attracts a lot of people, what more with the blunders and the “real-life” actions of these celebrities? Obviously, you wouldn’t forget the moth scene between Rustrum Padilla and Keanna Reeves. Or the I’m-drunk-so-i-can-be-sleazy antics of Baron Geisler against the likes of Yayo Aguila and Gaby Dela Merced.
I was a Survivor fan. I got tired of it after the first all-star edition; I think that’s the tenth or eleventh season of the series? Aside from the Amazing Race which is the real reality for me, you’d still be amused with the so-called “survival” living of the participants.
Look, if they got severely sick or had an accident, they could easily say “I quit” and they can go back the reality provided to them by the Survivor-staff. I can’t say that they are actually safe since somebody died from one of those Survivor versions in Europe.
Moving on with the show, my final four bets are Buwi, Elma, Jon, and Michelle. I know Buwi’s in a lot of heat since, as early as now; he’s not really showing any signs of leadership capabilities. And for the other survivor celeb’s that I mentioned, they are purely wild guesses.
Now, I’m quite certain that Pretty Trizcshsza’s out with her… eherm… his bone-breaking while lying and sleeping actions. Karen might be out too with her jolog-ish behavior. And probably the dark-skinned funny-girl who stars in Bubble Gang; iha, you don’t just blab about the persons you want to have in the end. It entails a little bit of secrecy and “trust”.
I guess the people who are on the upper hand in this edition are those who watch the game; though it is really different if you’re the one that’s playing.
And for me, I’ll just enjoy it for now. Come the last eight players, I’ll try to take a shot on the final four again.
Oo, si Buwi gusto ko sa final four kasi Parokya Ni Edgar member siya. Ganun ka in-depth ang point ko.

~ by targrod on September 8, 2010.

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