~ tsuk tsuk ~

Recuperating from a baddie illness sure is hard especially for a person like me. I hate it when my memory is affected. Though this is just a flimsy excuse for “old” moments. As humans and as a Filipino, we are great with these kind of incidents.

I am of course referring to – creating the greatest excuse – ever.

Just yesterday, I made a big boo-boo. I am, again, using the excuse that I am still sick. I forgot the keys inside our Avanza. The moment I locked and closed all the doors, I checked if the keys are in my pocket, and voila, they aren’t there. So much for my post-memory.

It was as simple as checking the keys first before locking the doors.

Thank God I was no that far from our home yet.

So, I already told my mom about it and told me to ride a taxi to our house and vice versa. But it was six in the evening already and it might just take time, as I need to go some place else.

I asked the guard of the building I visited and he gladly helped me out. The first guy I talked to asked me for 1500 pesos just to open our vehicle. I opted to go to the second option, break the windows.

Just kidding.

The guard gave me a second pick-locker. His tools: a wire type of a tool (it looks exactly like the ones they use for toilet cloggage) and a philips screwdriver.

We went to the vehicle and he did the following. He slid down the philips near the base of the window of one of the front – right side of the vehicle. He pointed it near the car handle. And then, he used the wire-type tool to try and hook the lock machinery of the door.

It took him less than ten minutes to open the door and I just gave him six hundred for that.

It was a chukchuk madness yesterday and thank God I was able to open the vehicle.

A friend told me though, “dude, na-holdap ka pa din ng six hundred a.”

I know. Right?


~ by targrod on October 24, 2010.

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