~ sulat sulat ~

In an update regarding yesterday’s chukchuk story, it seems that it harmed our vehicle, somehow. The door, now, doesn’t open using the car keys. Probably, the lock mechanism locked out. And it seems that we have to spend a few more hundred bucks because of this.

Yeah, my fault and my bad.


NU107 is closing or reformatting to a new genre. This. Is. So. Sad.

I remember way back in college when I listened to the station religiously; Where Ben Folds Five’s Brick lorded the countdown top seven; Where the NU Rock Awards were the in thing; Where Zach and Joey somehow competed with Chico and Delamar; Where we saw a lot of jologs, the latter years of course, during the taping and showing of the NU rock awards; Where I learned and heard my first rock and alternative songs.

I guess rock really died on today’s generation. Pop, R&B, and crap are heavy on the airwaves. Indie music doesn’t give the radio stations any money. And basically, that’s it.

Actually, almost everything is pop nowadays. You can blame remakes, you can blame our local artists, or you can even blame glee.

But businesses have to survive and if they opted to go to pop, I am praying that you guys go good and don’t compete with the C, D, E stations.

Or you can still opt with radio-friendly alternative music.


Despite my four day vacation ending abruptly, I still want to stay at home and try to recuperate. I don’t mind the evil Internet, as long as I don’t have to muscle out with the other passengers of your friendly public utility vehicle.

I am hydrating on Gatorade and Vitaplus. I am loving Talbos ng Kamote. And I am eating a lot.

Thanking my vitamins of course.

So, if you see me, don’t hesitate to feed me; my choice. of course.


~ by targrod on October 25, 2010.

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