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Being a semi-religious viewer of Survivor Celebrity Edition, the last rewards challenge sure was interesting and entertaining at the same time. Since they contestants are celebrities, the questions are gossip-related. And some of the questions are very juicy. Especially to a person like me who loves gossip.

Except for gossip girls, I dare not watch that show.

The challenge is simply answer yes or no to questions that are related with you. They were based on the lie-detector test made prior to the start of the show.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the show, one of the contestants is Piolo’s helper. Her name is Moi. And immediately, the question that entered my mind is “Kung bakla ba si Piolo?”

Sadly. Just sadly. The question wasn’t asked. It would’ve been awesome if we could hear those words reverberating from the television screen. As most questions are in a lose-lose situation, if Moi said no, and she was wrong, then, it could’ve created a fuzz. Same if Moi said yes.

Basta, they should’ve asked that question.

It could’ve changed our country’s view from the outside. It could’ve lowered the prices of the MRT fares and the gas prices too. It could’ve solved all the country’s crimes. And every single problem that you have right now could’ve been solved.

But no. They didn’t ask that damn question.

Astig sana.


It is starting to dawn on me that working from home is a sucky idea. It goes clockwork from the moment you wake up. You wake up. You facebook or you do anything related to the Internet. And then you eat lunch. You do more Internet. You try to catch a film. And then you sleep.

Meyn, that is so boring. Really.

I miss going out. I miss long drives. I want to go places. And that’s it.

I just wish the virus inside my body dies and my platelets go up. I wanna live my life again. Hay.


~ by targrod on October 27, 2010.

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