~ knee ga ~

It has been a weird week for me, somehow, actually. I’ve seen a woman cutting off her lips using a scissor. Then, the guy cuts off his you know what. Then, I’ve seen a cop kill a kid, just because. And the other one is a group of people eating fecal matter and excrement.

Which reminds me, why is it that when we drink the blue Gatorade, it comes out as a different color?

Aside from the disgusting things that I’ve been watching lately, there are actually good films that I had to intake. I saw the wonderful and vibrant colors used in the film Hero. I also saw one impressive script from Billy Wilder’s Witness For The Prosecution. White Oleander, Woody Allen’s Match Point, The Palm Beach Story, and even The Painted Veil are good too.

Just like the world today, not everything is crap. I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints from people whether it is on Facebook or Twitter or some other site. Have you ever wondered why the Internet is becoming a big negative ball of aura?

Siriusly, there are wonderful things in life that you just need to open your eyes on. Yes, you can complain all you want but wouldn’t it be nice to see the bright side of the world?


Here are my final four Survivor Celeb picks: Solenn, Elma, Aubrey, and, this last pick is probably a weak choice, Aira.

There is a big possibility on an all girl line-up for the latter part of the show. I believe the women saw it too, as seen on the rewards challenge shown this week.

And that’s it, pansit.


I liked the latest episode of Glee.

It is as simple as this. The film The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not for everyone. Some might like it, some might not. And that’s it.

You’ll actually notice it if you’ve seen the film, with its cultish approach, not everyone will get the film. And if you’re expecting from that Glee episode, then it might be a downer for you.

I can’t say much right now since I am oh so sleepy and I haven’t thought of the episode much. I just enjoyed the Time-warp.

Again, that’s it pansit.


~ by targrod on October 28, 2010.

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