~ dear seatmate ~

I have a seatmate here in the office that I openly loathe. Well, I don’t loathe him much but people know about my feelings for this guy. I personally think, it was just a bad judgment call for this little boy.

It all started with my usual eat alone in the pantry during breakfast moments. I entered the room with me holding my food and found him conversing with one of the office help. I have this tendency of being a snob in the morning, as I have learned through the years, and I sat down, still, they were conversing about some shitty stuff. And then it happened.

I was facing away from them when this little boy asked the help, “Eh ito, san to?”

The little boy was referring to me, obviously, on what team in the office I am in. And it was such a bad thing to do, in my opinion. I guess the basic principle of courtesy in an office environment is missing. Actually, you don’t even do that in a bar or any public place. It ends up in a bloody mess sometimes.

With my asshole-y attitude, I immediately asked the little boy’s boss if he’s like that. And apparently, there are people who hate this guy’s attitude, mainly, with his crude remarks and insensitive approach to people.

Sometimes people keep on doing this until they GET it.

So, if you happen to be my contact on Skype and see the following words, “Dear Seatmate … “ I am obviously referring to him.

To add, sickness started to dawn on me ever since he became my seatmate. I don’t want to be an ass but I obviously wonder if it is just a coincidence for such.


For today’s Dear Seatmate series: “Dear seatmate, nakakatakot ka… araw-araw.”

We have a somekinda Hallow’s Eve Party here in the office, hence the Dear Seatmate entry.


For the record and for the vinyl, I don’t hate the guy.

I just don’t want to be treated that way.


~ by targrod on October 29, 2010.

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