~ Paalam Sampaguita ~

It felt like it was just one of those street parties in Ortigas but kind of different.

Almost everyone was wearing black but it was not a goth party.

The speakers were blazing rock music but it seems that everyone was solemn in their own way. Of course there’s the usual drunk and rowdy people that can be counted with the fingers of my two hands.

Yes, everyone in the NU107 station attended a burial party. Bittersweet indeed as played by the Verve.

Nobody expected this. I googled this “event” a few days ago and checked the write-ups for the premise of the station. As early as 2008 there were rumours that they were closing down. I’m sure it could’ve been true since it doesn’t take overnight to sell your shares to the majority of the board.

Twenty-three years of solid and good ol’ rock and roll progressed the airwaves. They started when I was six. Come fourth year high school to my early days of college, I befriended the ten year old rock station. It was sort of a journey for me, thanks to my friend Dek who conspired (hehe) to get me out of that stupid station (there’s a K and a C in their name, you can’t blame me if I grew up listening to jologs music. I was basically still a child). I remember Dek’s favorite band is Oasis and mine is the Eraserheads. Everyone knows that these bands are actually friendly to the ears and he introduced me to Wolfgang, Metallica, and Razorback. And what station can you listen to the songs of these bands?

Do you think a station who love advertisments, provide their airwaves to a song like, maybe, November Rain by the Guns N Roses? Or even Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (that I never actually heard in NU before.)

I am claiming that I am a Chico and Delamar fan since I was in the first year of my high school. That’s true, I even followed them to KC. BUT NU entered my life as explained above and I loved rock music ever since.

One of the fondest memories of course is to listen to Zach and Joey every morning. I never got to remember any of their discussions, mainly because it was more than a decade ago and I am basically a late-riser. Or I usually sleep in the public utility vehicle going to school. And “walkman” radio was quite expensive for me during that time.

I vividly remember that, correct me if I’m wrong, Ben Fold Five’s Brick constantly topped the top seven. And I was introduced with the songs At The Drive –in’s One –armed Scissor, Goldfinger’s More Today Than Yesterday, and Fly’s Got You Where I Want You. And there was one time when I painstakingly searched for the song 66 by Afghan Whigs.

To add, I am always deligthed whenever I tune in to NU, I can sometimes listen to the music of the Sundays, which I rarely hear on the other radio stations.

Rock music has always been a no-no in our house. My mom would always exclaim that it is a vixation to our souls. Funny though, that she loved folk rock when she was young, she’s a die-hard Beatles fan by the way. Actually, the biggest factor on why I can’t listen to rock music is: dun dun dun dun, she heard my Grin Department tape. I remember her telling me to throw the damn tape away. I kept it.

And that’s why when I started to work, we ended up tuning in to RX every mornings; as hip-hop and pop are always more soothing to the soul, sarcasm included.

After that I stopped listening to NU, no, maybe rarely. Let’s say when I need to wake up and I am driving. That’s the time I turn the knob on full volume and listen to loud music. Who wants to listen to rock music in its lowest form of volume?


I dropped by NU earlier. I paid my last respects. It was all too perfect when they couldn’t find the Rivermaya song and instead, ended it with an Eraserheads song. Ang Huling El Bimbo.

It was funny though. It felt like I was in that Eraserheads concert again. Just a few hours after NU faded, Alapaap played on air and everyone sang.

As Ebe Dancel mildly puts it, we are not saying good bye, just good night.

Thank you NU for being part of me. I may not be there always but you were always there for me, except for today of course.

Again. Thank you.


Alam ko nagsulat na ko ng ganito nung isang araw. Pagbigyan. Tapos panalo nung pinatugtog nila yung Simple Mind’s Don’t You Foget About Me (na wala halos kumakanta sa crowd, ang tanda ko na) tsaka yung Paalam Sampaguita ng Yano. Astig talaga.

At pagsakay ko sa kotse, nilipat ko sa 107.5 Baka may tumugtog e.


~ by targrod on November 7, 2010.

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