~ Hullo there ~

I am finally back.

No. Really! Facebook surely killed a lot of personal time and starting today, i’ll try to resurrect my crap in the Internet. I even calculated the average minutes on every entry that I create and it usually takes me fifteen to thirty minutes per “article”. I have to bring this back as it helps me massage my brain. I’m not saying I am intelligent or something but I have to bring this back to learn and re-learn things related to words, phrases, and sentences.

I originally intended on writing something about nerds and geeks, I was able to write four paragraphs already when I realized that my point would just go to the depths of Dante’s inferno and I know that I’d look silly once I post it. I already deleted it so everything is gone now. Bye bye.

That was what I wanted to write but it would prove pointless and I should stop contradicting myself. I guess the best things in the world are the worst mistakes that you create.

So… I am stupid. I am sorry.

(pwedeng mag-sorry?)

Let’s talk about Christmas instead, so what do you want for for this year?

Me? World peace of course.


Seriously! A lot of people are just waiting for Kim Jong-Il to die. It might take decades for North Korea to wake up again but I do hope that that old man should die already.

You sacrifice one, you save many.

And for the materialistic in me, I’d like any of the following; more can be added in the very near future:
1.    That Game of the Generals biggie edition that can be bought in NBS, around 1200 pesos, I think.
2.    Dixit, Munchkin, or Ultimate Werewolf (board) games. (dude, grow up)
3.    A USB drive, make the “memory” big. To keep all my por… k.
4.    Harry Potter Ultimate Edition the ultimate kind.
5.    A new super-computer. I’d like one that cooks crepe.
6.    A book shelf, for the countless volumes of Hustle… and Flow magazines. Whatever that is.
7.    I MIGHT accept a 2TB hard drive. I still don’t believe in that technology yet.
8.    Wii. Yeah, but not much.
9.    And again, world peace.

~ by targrod on November 30, 2010.

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