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I read somewhere in the Internet that a lot of things we dispose of today are recyclable. Obviously, we have the obvious such as plastic bags and batteries. And then there’s the not-so-usual but we throw them too such as baby diapers, feminine napkins and condoms.

With the current brouhaha regarding the RH bill and such, and as I am trying to put this into relevance, I thought of something really brilliant. I think we should come up with those condom recycling pants este plants.

If you’d himay-himay my statement, we are actually going to hit two birds with one stone. First, we’d promote the use of condoms that is, obviously, badly needed by our country. Overpopulation is a usual problem for third world countries and, imho, we should join the cause to just retain the number of Homo sapiens that we have today. I’m not against childbirth but there are a lot of instances already where babies go homeless because the mother left him/her in the dumps or even the comfort room of an airplane.

Think of it this way. We get money for making no babies.

Then, we are actually helping the environment with non-biodegradables such as condoms. Where do you think used condoms go? You probably smell it right now since it had been incinerated, if ever we have incinerating plants in the Philippines.

And these condom recycling plants would create everyday items such as rubber bands, those fitters for glass walls and even the tires of your vehicle.

Imagine a tire manufacturer’s tagline, “Made from recycled condom. Smell the fruity flavors to check it out.”

Of course the fruity smell of the tires is probably coming from the most common flavors of condoms. I am not actually familiar with the expertise in condom-don, a just asked a friend about it.


~ by targrod on December 2, 2010.

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