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Just a few days ago, someone made a very interesting tweet. It went something like “Ikaw na Miko Morelos ang pinakaswerteng tao sa balat ng lupa. Congratulations sa iyong pagkapanalo ng mahigit 700M peso jackpot sa lotto #mag-ingatkapakyu”.

The tweet wasn’t actually like that but you get my point anyway.

And then this fb page that mushroom’d from the depths of Neptune.

Then, there’s the Miko Morelos article in Inquirer, and this is the part where I would say that I am too lazy to look for it and post the link here, where he said that he really feared for this life. You see, part of the basic nature of man is to get crazy and barbaric when it comes to money, or something in that sense.

Lastly, Tim Yap, the culprit in these, apologizes to Miko Morelos.


No, seriously, that was a very irresponsible act for someone who made it and climbed to be a pubic este public figure. Tim is practically everywhere! QTV, V Channel, The Philippine Star, and also after I wipe my ass when I do number 2.

Isn’t it obvious that I loathe this guy?

Babaw as it may seem but he made the unforgivable act, as opposed to the unforgivable curse, of Avada Kedavra-ing a classic Eraserheads song during their concert in MOA a few years ago. Obviously, the guy is a poser but the people with money believe in this guy’s bull.

Of course, you can take out Christy Fermin in this equation since she’s worse than any of those Enron bosses who made a big scam eon ago.

Actually, I think I offended a fellow rusher when I sent out my sentiments in the world, I mean this is a free country right? He tweeted that people are allowed to make mistakes once in a while. I didn’t bother replying in this case because I find it silly that I’ll be creating a debate out of Tim Yap.

Seriously silly, right?

I wanted to tell him that we can only make mistakes if we’re kids and we know that we won’t be able to put a person’s life in danger. Yes, it is news material but in case this happened to him, I know he’ll be pissed too.

This adds up to what I already think of Tim Yap, he suits well in our precious Idiot box.


~ by targrod on December 2, 2010.

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