~ shots shots ~

One of the things I am perpetually bad at these days is the supposedly daily updates of this site and some other things that I promised but I ended up not doing it.

Well, i’ve been extremely busy lately. *yawn*

(yeah, who wants to read something that relates to “hey, I am fucking bored” or “I am not doing anything right now and I am posting my update for the world to see” well, fuck you. Please don’t waste precious bandwidth. As gross as this might sound, we’d rather hear you say “my breath smells like fish paste, and I ate fish paste two weeks ago.” Interesting. Good. And Gross)

Second, this one is quite personal actually. It was my first time to experience an open bar that provides shots (shots shots shots shots shots shots… everybody) to the party goers. It was quite an experience. No beer bottles were found and it was really different.

This is one of the rare moments that I enjoyed an office Christmas party. With my almost five years of stay, one can always wonder on why he / she can’t win that damn office raffle and you’d end up with the cheapest consolation prize: the annual office giveaway. I got some ingredients probably for a fruit salad. (omgwtf, I am so sawa na with salad during the holidays. I am opting for our family’s annual fresh fruit “salad” with matching take out pasta and some wine, prolly.

Going back to the logic of alcoholic shots, one can always say that they can spare a shot before going home or at least try it. I mean who gets drunk with one shot?

But alas, there is an air of something that pulls us back to the mobile bar and tells us to drink more of that colorful stuff that they are providing. In fact, these people are so smart that those green and blue and dirty white colored liquid stuff can easily be mixed. They will always say that the mix is new but they just interchange the colors from blue-green to green-white or what not.

Despite what I am saying, I got eight shots last night. You thought you’re drunk… almost.


~ by targrod on December 17, 2010.

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