~ Concerts 2011 ~

As early as the second week of 2011, we are being barraged with a number of foreign acts that are coming in our country via jetplanes and airplanes of course as opposed to submarines and carrier ships.

With the availability of the information and with the help of http://manilaconcertscene.tumblr.com/, the music lovers are probably rejoicing right now.

What I like about this is that not all of the foreign acts are new artists, case in point with the January 8 concert of Bone Thugs N Harmony. Imagine, almost two decades ago people are probably clamoring for this group doing a concert in the Philippines. And lucky for me, some songs stick in my head and I’d probably watch the show, alone even.

And so, here’s the early line-up for 2011 that I am interested in watching:
January 8 – Bone Thugs N Harmony
February 18-20 – We The Kings, The Maine, and Never Shout Never
February 20 – Yellowcard
March 9 – Anberlin

Of course, P.I., there’s the Justin Bieber live in Manila concert too. Yeah, P.I.!

(Come on guys, people can say fuck but can’t say P.I.?)

I’m also considering:
January 20 – LMFAO
February 12 – Deftones
February 13 – Fra Lippo Lippi
February 19 – Taylor Swift (they were saying that the tickets are sold out)
May 23 – Maroon 5

I promised myself to attend at least four foreign acts next year. The only trick for me is not to spend much. You don’t need to be in front to enjoy the concert. You just have to watch it from afar and listen.

Well, unless if you’re a willing victim of a mosh pit. Then, go ahead.


~ by targrod on December 28, 2010.

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