:: Geek Fight 2011 ::

Ze Team Yale is ze hosting for this month and I am inviting everyone to “let’s join us”. If you think you’re not fit to go on head to head with the omni-beings, then just join us and give us your lamest, jolog-iest, or sleaziest answers.

Seriously, this is a fun event! Geek cred on the line. See you on the dime (ha? dime? wtf?)

(and… from Ate Regina’s mail:)
So, you think you’re a geek, hmmm? Care to see what you’re really made of? Committee GeekFight, the premiere tongue-in-cheek, snarks-and-smarts trivia night in Manila wants you!

Head over to Quantum Cafe in Makati at 8pm on January 14 for some real fireworks, as some of the most intelligent and opinionated geeks in the city vie for the honor of top geek recognition. This isn’t a typical must-be-serious-and-quiet trivia event, though. It’s the sort of game where you’re as likely to get points for the right answers as you are to get cheers and kudos prizes for brilliantly humorous retorts.

Every Committee GeekFight has a different theme and set of questions. This time it’ll be Team Yale quizzing you. Yup, the same Team Yale that’s been winning past GeekFights, and yes, they’re from the New Worlds Alliance too. Confirm your attendance on the Facebook invite page.

The categories are:
Hollywood Sandals! (yes, sandals. Think Spartacus and Troy. Get it?)
Star Trek!
Young Adult Literature!
Doctor Who!
Music & Movies!
End it with Norris!Started in June 2010 as a spin-off of Paolo Cruz’s GeekFight Trivia Night (which has since been renamed GeekFight Classic), Committee GeekFight follows the same tradition of witty banter, tip-of-your-tongue factoids, silly imagery and fun-loving competition. Composed of a team of veteran GeekFight players, the Committee is always looking for new ways to entertain the geek community of Metro Manila.

Committee GeekFight is sponsored by Zippo Philippines and cr8v web solutions, inc. Drop by the GeekFight page on Facebook and say hi.


~ by targrod on January 2, 2011.

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