:: Pipe it bub ::

I think I have to learn a lot of the so called art of fixing the various problems in and outside your house. Aside from the usual gardening, which is what I really am bad at (I enjoy buying flowers and other fancy plants in our house though), you have to take note of the things that should be fixed.

Bad piping, wall cracks butt-cracks, infestation, etc; you name it, I think you got it.

It is kind of hard if you have no experience with fixing things inside your home. A pipe leak for instance, I’m not sure if the fix that I made was alright and thorough. I just followed the instructions that came with the two-container colored putty. I hope that shit is fixed.

I also have to fix the wall cracks using wood putty. It sucks since it is kind of painting the walls but with a little bit of effort due to the ingredient’s viscosity. Suck suck suck.

But who’s going to do it? Right?

Our house is quite old and I don’t mind if I do the hard work.


I am currently collecting all Adventures of Tintin graphic novels.

Yes. They are not comics.

I have nine “books” already.

Speaking of Tintin, I do hope Spielberg gets it fun with the movie version that is coming out this year. I am quite meh with the idea since they are messing with a classic. But who cares, Hollywood can do everything.

It really feels that the second part of this entry is nonsensical in nature.


I’m trying to come up with an entry about my 2010 in passing. Or is it in passing 2010? Or pass by you shitty 2010? Or 1-2-3 pass 2010.



~ by targrod on January 3, 2011.

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