:: Fighting loose vowels ::

I tweeted something about the weather being cold and having hypothermia. If I remember it correctly, it has something to do with someone washing his pwet-pwet and then catching hypothermia in the process. The weather should’ve been like this last month. And blame it on global warming, actually we, the homos or Homo sapiens, created the thingy that we are having or experiencing right now.

Actually, I am not complaining the cold weather; I think most people are happy about it (like our friends in Baguio! Ohayo!) What suck is the cough and the shitty complications that attaches with it. And yes, I am apologizing to the peeps whom I’ve transferred my coughs to them.

Speaking of cold weather, the best thing right now is a mug full of cocoa courtesy of Chocolat (trust me, you’ll love it. It is a little bit expensive, around 300 per small container. Around the size of a small cylinder sized container that can be contained with around a hundred thousand bits of frozen tears or muta for short) and Lactose Free Skim Milk.

Hooray for lactose intolerant like me, I can now enjoy milk. Sadly, I can’t suck from the ‘dodo ng cow’. Don’t have a cow, man!


As much as I’d want to own any of the technology around, I keep on telling myself, “San mo naman gagamitin yun?”

Let’s take the kindle for instance; I read around a maximum of 15 books a year. The gadget costs around 8 kiaw. I enjoy the hard-boundness of books much like the smell of the pages and shit. I have a lot of books that are in queue right now and I not sure if I can read ‘em all before the year ends. Though, there is something inside of me bugs me to buy one. Imagine the comics and magazines in file format that I can enjoy in those whatchamacallits.

Or even an Iphone4. I’d like to get my hands on one but something tells me that I’d be engulfed in a gadget and foh sure, hours spent would just be killed in different applications and such.

And to add, I’d want to spend my money more on travelling and movies for this year. I’d love to see more of our country.

Pero kung mahal niyo talaga ako, bigyan niyo na lang ako. Tatanggapin ko yan ng lubos-lubos. =)


~ by targrod on January 4, 2011.

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