:: Food for moi ::

It was ‘tis the season to be merry last month, most of us were able to pay all our unpaid bills. So basically it was kind of awesome since our basic salaries weren’t suffering. As we rely with the mandatory thirteenth month pay and even bonuses, in some companies if you’re lucky.

It was also the time when “getting fatter” is an ideal in thing. Who cares if we are sick? As long as we are partying, binging, and we are drunk then it is all alright. I have to say save for our family who had adobo, fresh fruits, and non-alcoholic sparklers for Noche Buena. I guess we got tired of being sick for the year 2010.

And that reminds me that I need to do a flu shot this month. I am setting it on the second weekend of January. Fuck needles.

Back to reality, two bills are our current and staring dilemma. There are the bills that we are going to accumulate again up until the end of the year, if we are doing the credit card frenzy. The other one is simply bill-bills or the excess fat from the holidays.

(Ang funny ko. Heh heh. Shut up.)

As I don’t really care if you got fat during the holidays, though I’d still remind you even if you didn’t get THAT fat if I happen to meet you some place, I am going to do something new this year. I’ll be exploring food in Manila.

I’m no Robert Zimmern and I am quite curious on the various food establishments that surround us in the Metro, whether they are thrifty or over-the-edge in terms of the price of their menu. I frequent Megamall and it surprises me that there are people eating in establishment A or B or C and with practicality you tend to be hesitant to gamble your lunch in such places. So I should always have a plan B handy, meaning: eat at a place that I am really familiar with.

I am going to set this one, probably, every Fridays and i’d eat at around 10:30 in the morning to avoid the rush.

And I need to get fat though. But that’s a given. Duh.


~ by targrod on January 5, 2011.

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