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When I started out to bilge in with the various movies and its paraphernalia, I thought it would be nice and awesome if I get to watch all the films in the annul Metro Manila Film Festival. We have to accept the dwindling number of mainstream Filipino films that are coming out every year. It was a feat before when we actually came up with hundreds of films yearly.

That’s why the notion of being an actor / actress is still the in thing for the marginalized (and some above classed peeps too) crowd. Probably with all the cash that these artists are raking in especially if you’re really needed. You just have to exchange your flesh for fame though.

And then I enter a group that is really addicted to films. Before I say anything else, here are the consolidated top twenty local films for 2010:

20. The Red Shoes.
19. Ang Mundo Sa Panahon Ng Bato.
18. Muli.
17. Miss You Like Crazy.
16. Limbunan.
15. Sa ‘yo Lamang.
14. My Amnesia Girl.
13. Vox Populi.
12. Here Comes The Bride.
11. Donor.
10. RPG: Metanoia.
09. Sheika.
08. Ang Paglilitis Ni Andres Bonifacio.
07. Cameroon Love Letter.
06. Halaw.
05. Mondomanila.
04. Kano.
03. Senior Year.
02. Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria.
01. Ang Ninanais.

With the list above, i’ve only seen four films and it really sucks that I missed most of them during its run on the different local film festivals that we’re having.

And I remembered how bad Tatlong Baraha was, yes the one that starred the Lapids. Imagine if you’ve spent almost a hundred and fifty bucks for that kind of film, you’d feel cheated, right?

I know it would be hard for us since we really have to gamble for the first week. So, I guess it would be better if you catch the second week of the film fest: 1. To avoid the rush and 2. To watch the good reviewed films.

Besides, films like SRR and the Enteng franchises are always up for viewing in our local channels, cable even.


It would be more awesome if we did have a set of quality films year in year out but hey, people has to eat and they need to earn money too. Just sayin’.

Oh, and requesting permission from the group to post this. lol.


~ by targrod on January 6, 2011.

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