:: Break break breakdown ::

I grew up listening to various types and genres of music that’s why I am a bit familiar with almost six decades of awesome music. Some do suck while others are just right that you can listen to them without umay-ing.

With my subtle defense as stated above, I recently attended the concert of Bone Thugs N Harmony. I’d like to say that this is a supposed review of the said concert but a tingling sensation tells me that it may not look like it.

I’ve always wanted to see these guys sing onstage. I mean if you’d listen to a few of their music the hymn of the rap seems right. Especially when Crossroads became a hit, it didn’t really achieve good mainstream airplay but with the pass of mouth, or in this case pass of a friend’s speaker airplay, it gained attention.

And then they released the Mariah Carey collaborations with hits such as Breakdown and I Still Believe remix.

Quoting Chingy, they really got it ‘Right Thurr’.

The concert itself was quite interesting for a non-hardcore hip-hop person like me. I really go for rock concerts, well most of the time, mainly with the people who watch these kinds of gigs. It was as if most of the people in the SMX Convention Center are brimming with pride. And it is just sad if the aura goes that way.

Are you familiar with those gangsta latinos who reign places in the U.S.? I saw a few of them in the concert and I think the only stereotype hip-hop style that I didn’t see are those guys who really wore oversized jersey shirts and pants donning hairstyles that aren’t allowed in any high school C.A.T.

I’ve been itching on saying these things, hahaha!

Aside from what I’ve ‘noticed’, the actual concert was really good. I was surprised to find that our acts are kick-ass-y than what we usually see mainstream-y. Their materials surely could par up with the foreign counterparts. Yes, the Andrew E. era is dead in the building.

Kudos to the Reinassance Group and the Tuesday Troop, your voices are fantastic and keep up with the music.

Before anything else, you may wonder why I diss the place and all and why I still attended the event. As I’ve said, I really want to see Bone Thugs live and it came true. The ticket spent was almost all worth it. Even if they sang ten songs, I found myself singing in only two of them. One was Crossroads, obviously, and the other was Dayz of our Livez. It sucked when they didn’t sing Paper, Paper and Home.

I guess you have to blame the sponsors; they were given free sangrias and the DJ looked drunk at the end.


And that is my first official concert of the year. I should’ve been hyped up prior to the event but very sad news was tweeted by one Ebe:

It pains to see someone go from a band that surely entered not just my heart, but with the hearts of most people who love the band, that includes a few of my friends and my girlfriend too. I just started to be an active fan when I first saw them live in Greenhills with the Manila Orchestra.

It really blew me away to the point of shedding a lot of tears when they were playing Mariposa and Burnout.

And up until now I tear up even when I just think of the idea of the concert or the song.

It is really breaking my heart whenever I see the tweet and even the idea that Ebe is leaving Sugarfree. Sure, it is easy to say that people has to go and move on with their careers. Blah blah blah.

But come on, Ebe’s haunting voice, he is so good when playing live too, will surely stab my heart right now with his departure.

Hay. All I can do is to say thank you thank you thank you thank you for the Sugarfree music. I know, some clues are found on his Twitter account too, that you are probably going to form a super group. I’d still follow you but it won’t feel the same if you’re not with Sugarfree anymore.

And please allow me to use your words and I’ll be going to your gigs until you leave the band this February: Wag kang umiyak, mahaba man ang araw uuwi ka sa yakap ko.

Wag mo nang damdamin kung wala ako sayong tabi iiwan kong puso ko sa yo. At kung pakiramdam mo’y wala ka nang kakampi isipin mo ako dahil puso’t isip ko’y nasa yong tabi.


~ by targrod on January 9, 2011.

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