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I am still debating in my head on what should or why I am against this Internet capping thing. I mean should this change my current life in any way as a lot of Internet users that I know of doesn’t even really care.

I know I am not a super opinionated person such as Mr. Cocoy Dayao, you have to read his position paper on why NTC shouldn’t push through with the said Internet cap ruling.

Although, in a very selfish sort of way, I will probably be missing my favorite films and music in case I get limited Internet connection. In hindsight, the proposed plan is to limit the bandwidth of residential users in case they got past the limit of the plan that are provided to them. It’s like controlling the bandwidth ala Nazi program.

The funny thing in this is that these telcos are promising the consumers a lot of things and in the end they can’t even provide the supposed agreement. Sometimes I can’t fathom that they can afford million dollar deals for singers in their advertisements and they can’t even improve their services, though with the recent change of Smart’s technology in using the mobile Internet, I may say that they go far against Globe. But still, the service is expensive.

So basically that is the obvious repercussion. As the NTC people were saying that the business sector is going to be spared. It seemed that the movie and music industry whispered something very indecent to them and it might’ve been a catalyst to such movement against the so-called abusive users.

I’d also like to say that I’ve been using PLDT DSL for a while now. We had problems with the installation before even though we knew someone from PLDT. Though the one who installed the device didn’t come from their company and instead hired a third party to do the dirty work. If I remember it correctly the person who installed the Internet in our house is rude, he even asked money from my father.

I was also surprised to read up about the supposed speed. My Internet usually has an average of 35kbps download as opposed to their supposed promise of around 384kbps, I’m using the lowest of their available plans since we just need Internet in our house and using dial-up is a pain in the ass.

And again, that was just I being selfish, but hey, this is not what we are paying for and as consumers we have the right for fair trade.

Now for the real probable consequence, I guess you guys are familiar with these local Internet shops that are probably using residential bandwidth lines used commercially. The Internet usage is dirt cheap, as opposed to the usual ones that we have with Netopia.

I conversed with my mom last night and she told me about the book anomaly in Pillila, Rizal. Books are nowhere to be seen and the only references that these students are getting are information gathered in the Internet. They spend ten pesos an hour to rent the computer and you do know that those ten pesos, instead of using it in the Internet café, can be at least used for food. Now, in case the ruling is pushed through, then these establishments might increase the rent.

And then there’s the idea of natural disasters. Remember Ondoy? Oh, I know people will certainly remember this cute-ful catastrophe. From what I understand and in case it happens, imagine the Internet in your house getting really slow since you’ve reached the cap already. Ondoy happened at the last week of September. Do I need to say more?

I remember the time when text messaging was free; I was probably one of the lucky people who were able to use it even if I had the suckiest phone ever. E-ver. Then, in one blink of an eye Globe and Smart became instant millionaires mainly for the love of text messaging. And I think it is quite understandable at that time. It might be sneaky but they had to control the airwaves so that people can actually get the text once it was sent from the sender. But now, a decade has passed and this Internet technology is not busted. Other countries have really awesome Internet and they pay cheap for these services. Even Rwanda can cater 10Mbps, how’s that for a country that is not mostly populated by Caucasians.

If only these telcos could provide their promises, the consumers wouldn’t complain much right now. It goes like this, you have a lot of other things to fix but you center on something that doesn’t need any fixing.


~ by targrod on January 11, 2011.

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