:: Reviewing lost hero ::

I’d like to inform everyone that I am not an awesome reviewer of books.

Super-mega-duper-giga-woah-awesome lang.

Well, not really. Well thank you Mr. Contradiction.

So, I finally finished Riordan’s The Lost Hero a few days ago. It was a sort of new take of a boy in the realm of the demigods and Greek / Roman mythology (notice I added Roman somewhere in this sentence, this is actually a spoiler but I really don’t care if you get spoiled. Experience reading it even if you were spoiled, you spoiled brat you.) And no, it didn’t star Percy Jackson, sort of.

If you’ve been following the works of Riordan, he started it out big with the Percy Jackson series, and basically the main storyline is Percy Jackson only (oh oh oh you also have to remember that the series’ title is, read it with me folks, Per See Jack Off este Son.) Then, he came out with a few of the 39 Clues series that won’t really fit in this write up, I think, since I’m not keen on reading it (I have a long read queue by the way, thank you very much.) And then, there’s the Kane Chronicles or its initial book, The Red Pyramid that basically tackles the Egyptian mythology.

And the Red Pyramid felt like it was a two-person book by Carter and Sadie. If you’ve read Stephen King’s Carrie, with the narrative of an interviewee type of story, it went like that.

Now, Riordan tried it with three people. Its main characters are: Jason (a Roman demigod with strength of a bear, uy si Bravestarr yun, I mean a son of Jupiter or Zeus), Piper (a Greek demigod who’s a daughter of Aphrodite), and Leo Valdez (a famous Filipino actor or a Greek demigod who’s a son of Hephaestus).

The storyline involves the point of view of the three demigods. I find it amusing in a way that the story is still linear despite its approach. So, the names of these three demigods are actually overused all throughout the book. And it didn’t follow the style of The Red Pyramid. Let’s say that each demigod’s story is told per chapter, in a random way of course.

I became a follower of Riordan during the Percy Jackson series and right now I think there seems to be a small decline in this latest outing of his. Maybe because the expectations were already set and I might be getting a small case of the Dan Brown or Bob Ong.

The start seems okay but as you go along and up until the end you’d up wonder on if the action were really taking place. It felt like it was just a small episode of X-men the Animated Series. It wasn’t that grand BUT since this is a new set of series that he is brewing, maybe he is just starting to set-up the storyline. As I am crossing my fingers right now that it’ll get better on the next book that’ll be out late this year.

You may also have to add that a few of the plot seemed predictable. I’d like to say it this way since the thrill of reading it seemed painful once you get to the middle part of the book, nonetheless it is still amusing and interesting in a few of the scenes that he provided.

The Heroes of Olympus series look really promising. I’d still follow this one. I am wishing for new characters and additional personalities for the major characters. As Drew’s (Piper’s “enemy” inside the Aphrodite house) and Hedge’s (a, surprise, satyr with a war-freak like personality) appear to be more enjoyable than the rest of the book’s cast.

Again, the book seemed proper but it would be better if it was shortened ala Percy Jackson, as it gets tedious in a way. I may not say that the book is great but it is still worth a read if you’re following the Olympus stories created by Riordan.


~ by targrod on January 11, 2011.

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