:: Gutom na ko ::

Shit. I am bored. I am really really bored. I will wrist my watch este cut my wrist and die while watching re-runs of Cheers. I want to jump off the roof of our house and fall on a live dog. Then, he’ll eat me because I’m dead. I’ll be famous on tv and become a celebrity. And even if I were dead, I’d still manage to get royalties due to I-really-do-not-know-what-I-am-talking-about.

Do you remember the days when most blog entries start with something that I’ve written above? Oh, you do remember the countless boring entries of your friends. They tell a lot of stuff that had happened to them including dull moments, what they ate, and a lot of stories regarding their friends and shit.

Then, there’s the regular I-am-trying-hard to create a review of the book I read, the movie I watched, and the favorite television show that is probably interesting if you bled yourself while watching it.

There’s also the amusing sidebar information. Like ‘the last book I read’, or ‘the last CD that I bought’, or ‘the last girl I slept with’ and with the additional remark of ‘thank God she’s herpes free.’

Oh the last one’s near to impossible. Duh.

It was also awesome before because you have to learn the following things: Photoshop for a fuck-ass banner, a progressive learning of the creation of the layout of your blog (you’d usually want to make awesome lay-outs creating it with the word ‘awesome’ all-over), and how to manage your blog. You were even keen on the site stats, hoping a country as small as Genovia.

Despite the old-school hindrances of Livejournal or the other journal that I can’t remember that is a whole-fucking similar with LJ (I think that’s GJ mon), you’d still the countless rants of your friends (it’s like a membership thing mon) and probably their sex lives if you’re kinda lucky… well, not really.

Really? You’d want to know your friends sexcapades? Pucha. Dude.

Some of the elements I mentioned still exist today. But gone are the days of the more tedious fancy blogs. Facebook and those micro-blogging sites such as Twitter and probably Tumblr killed them. It was probably awesome today since those things are eliminated and in as much as possible or sometimes “nagpapayabangan na lang ang mga tao.”

I’m not saying it’s wrong. But sometimes it is sort of tiring to see the same person gloat of his new whatchamacallit, his multi-hundreds-of-thousands sweldo, or the poop of his newborn child.

Come on guys, Facebook was made for applications. Lol.

I’m not insinuating anything here. As I tend to do some OA writing, isn’t it fun to poke at things, which sometimes, you are also at fault with?


Ignore this blog entry. Lol.

Oh, NTC scrapped that stupid Internet capping thingy. Hooray for us. Yay! At least I can go home and sleep soundly tonight while my computer is on bootlegging ze various films.

Mabuhay ang NTC! Mabuhay ang bootlegging!


~ by targrod on January 13, 2011.

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